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How To Become A Better Student

Whether it is a school or a college, the competition is steadily growing. Education is a highly important part of an individual’s life. The lessons and attitudes a person learns and develops from an educational institution shapes up a person’s life. The job and career you will develop depends on how well you do in your studies. In order to get good grades and develop useful skills, you have to be a good student. Here are a few tips to help you become a better student and to lead a successful life.

Setting up Goals

  • Set long-term and short-term goals and measure your progress through them.
  • Goals will help you keep motivated to strive and achieve success. For example, your long-term goal is to achieve a high GPA in the current semester. So, set up small goals like getting an A in the assignments and tests.
  • These short-term goals will work as a ladder, which will lead you towards your long-term goal.
  • Although it is good to challenge yourself to do better, ensure that the goals you are setting are realistic.

Time Management

  • Time management is crucial for all the aspects of our lives.
  • When you are aiming to become a better student, the most important thing to keep you on track is manage your time properly.
  • Make study schedules and stick to them.
  • This will create a balanced study time which will help you in concentrating properly on all your activities.

Proper Rest

  • Getting proper rest is important when attending. Your brain needs sleep in order to synthesize newly learned information.
  • If a student is well rested, he or she will stay alert and active during class activities.
  • You will be able to concentrate more on your studies and other activities if you are well rested.
  • Attendance is extremely important to help enrich the educational experience.
  • You must attend classes in order to pass the course successfully.
  • The students learn more when they attend the classes and listen to the lectures. It helps them in remembering and understanding more clearly.

Attend All Classes

  • Attendance is extremely important to help enrich the educational experience.
  • You must attend classes in order to pass the course successfully.
  • The students learn more when they attend the classes and listen to the lectures. It helps them in remembering and understanding more clearly.

Take Notes

  • Concentrating on the lecture and jotting down important details ensures that you understand the course material.
  • Taking notes also helps you to remember the lesson more clearly.
  • Make sure you rewrite them after the class to keep them fresh in your mind and to ensure that you will understand them properly when you look at them after a few days or weeks.
  • Taking good notes will help you in reviewing and revising for your exams.

Utilizing Educational Resources

  • Apart from taking classes, you must utilize the educational resources available in your school.
  • These resources, like a library, review sessions, multimedia, tutoring session, are designed to facilitate the students in their studies.
  • The additional help will support you to strive and achieve more from your training.

Participating in Extracurricular Activities

  • Apart from studying properly, taking part in extracurricular activities also helps in becoming a better student.
  • Extracurricular activities enhance and refresh the student’s mind and help him focus more.
  • Taking part in sports, dramatics, dancing or more contributes greatly in polishing students’ skills.


Happy New Years

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s is just around the corner! Have you planned out your goals for next year yet? Have you made all those resolutions yet? If you are still unsure of which resolutions you want to make and keep, then here are the top 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2014.

Spend More Time with Family and Friends

Family and friends are arguably the most important parts of your life, which is why most people voted this resolution as their number one priority. Many people feel incomplete without these important people. Often times we get so bogged down with work and other life occurrences that we unintentionally neglect the ones we care about most. So next year, plan different outings, get-togethers, parties, hang out sessions, and enjoy the precious time with family and friends. The best times of our lives are spent with those we love the most, so for 2014 make sure you make them a priority!

Stay Fit and Healthy

The consumption of fatty food products has continued to increase which stands in direct correlation with the rise in obesity. In this reality, many people feel that they need to go back to natural and healthy living. For these reasons, people want to focus on healthy eating habits and follow a dietary and workout plan. Incorporating a healthy, well-balanced diet along with a regular work out regiment will put you in the best chance to live a long and healthy life.

Quit Smoking

Coming in as the third most popular New Year’s resolution, quitting smoking, spurs people toward a healthier lifestyle. Your lungs are vital organs to the operation of the human body, so it only makes sense that you should take good care of them! There are many methods to quitting smoking: cold turkey, nicotine gum/patches, support group, etc. One of the best ways to fight the urge is to not buy cigarettes – it’s hard to smoke when you don’t have anything to smoke with. Whichever method you choose can be successful it just takes determination and will to accomplish your goal!

Acquire Higher Education

Every person is looking for a way to make the most out of his or her career. What matters most is getting the relevant knowledge to help you get there and have a budding passion for what you do. Many people go through their lives miserable in their career, but why should you be miserable? Going to college these days does not have to be a full four year plus commitment – today there are online colleges and career colleges that offer career-focused education that fits in with your busy schedule. It does not matter what field you have previously chosen for your career. With the right education and a passion for what you do, you can be in a career you and your family can be proud of!

 Live Life to the Fullest

Rounding out the top 5 resolutions for 2014, living life to the fullest is a top resolution for many people. Enjoying life has become one of the most popular resolutions in recent time. The world is full of opportunities so grab them and be happy with what comes your way. It’s important to stay happy and not sweat the small stuff. A positive attitude and outlook on life could be the change you need to be happy. Now is not the time to be stuck in a miserable career or caught up in the rat race for you never know what’s around the corner. So with this resolution, enjoy where your life leads you, take advantage of your opportunities, and keep a smile on your face.

On behalf of all employees at Anthem Education, we wish you a Happy New Year and wish you the best of luck in 2014. Please be responsible and never drink and drive!

Healthcare Training

Do’s and Don’ts of Beginning a Career in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is now offering more opportunities for career growth than any other industry. Because the number of people requiring medical attention has increased; there is an increased demand for professionals in the healthcare industry. When you start out in your career as a healthcare professional, there are certain things which you are expected to do, and others which you must avoid. What are they? Let’s find out.

 The Do’s and Don’ts of Beginning a Career in Healthcare

Ask Questions

In the healthcare industry, people’s lives are at stake and even the smallest of mistakes can have dire consequences; therefore, if you are having trouble understanding something then ask. Keep asking until all your doubts have vanished, and you understand the concept/ procedure clearly and thoroughly. Express yourself, and show your passion while performing your job responsibilities, this will ensure you are always on top of your game and committed to your patients.

Be a Team Player                                                                                                     Healthcare Training

Remember that in the health industry you will be working with a team of experts. Do not try to do everything on your own, and do not try to be so ambitious that you come off, looking as selfish. Instead, work together with the team in harmony, so that every procedure you are part of is completed without any glitches or problems.

Live Up to Your Words

Another thing that will get you noticed is how well you perform during various tasks. If you say something, stick to it and do it, so that your colleagues know that you stay true to your words. The best part about entry level jobs is that they give you lots of opportunities to make a lasting impression on your employers/ supervisors. Grab those opportunities and make the most of them, so that you can advance in that organization and in your life.

Don’t be Hasty

Once you enter your career, remember what is expected of you and how you must perform. Don’t be so hasty that you end up forgetting or missing the essential factors of your job role. Remember that within the healthcare industry, you have people’s lives in your hands, so tread carefully and don’t be rash about it.


One thing which must be focused on is proofreading. It doesn’t matter whether it is a medical document or a patient’s chart, you must proofread carefully so that mistakes are avoided. Everything must be checked and rechecked, confirmed and reconfirmed, to ensure that essential data is not missing from the documents.

Professionals in the healthcare industry have a higher level of responsibility on their shoulders than professionals, in any other field. They are liable for every action they take, so make sure to report to your supervisor, so that you can learn from experts.

Get noticed, but don’t brag about your achievements or experience. Remember that they are looking for hard working and dedicated individuals, so become the best candidate, who excels in this industry and get selected.

If you’re interested in being part of the healthcare industry, and would like more information call us today at 888.351.5083 to speak with an admissions representative.



Patient Care Technician

Is a Career as a Patient Care Technician Right for You?

Patient Care Technicians have evolved into one of the most highly demanded professionals in the health industry. They are the people who interact, on a regular basis, with the patients and try to gather information essential for their treatment. Patient care technicians provide valuable support to both the patients as well as the medical staff of the hospital. The following are some of the essential duties that PCT’s perform:

Providing Care

The main duty of a patient care technician is to care for the patients and ensure that their stay at the hospital is comfortable. For people who require nursing services at their homes a patient care giver becomes the sole authority who supports, and cares for them. A professional in this field may be required to perform various functions for the betterment of patients like bathe them, change their dressings, help them with daily errands, go out on a stroll with them, or even help them out of bed. Such professionals become the caretakers for the patients and look after their everyday needs.Florida Career College Programs


Monitoring the Progress

Patient care technicians remain with the patients and interact with them more than any of the other staff members. Their main duty requires that they monitor a patient’s progress and report it to the doctor when any serious changes occur. They must keep an eye on the patients’ physical activities, like pulse, vital signs, blood pressure, temperature, inhalation, etc. He or she makes a note of all the changes in the patient’s bodily functions, so that they could be reviewed by the patient later on. Along with this, a patient care technician assists the physician and nurses from taking blood samples, to setting up the required equipment for treatment in the operating rooms.

Educational Requirements

To become a recognized patient care technician, a person must acquire postsecondary education. Once his or her education is complete, he or she must receive a certificate of completion, which serves as proof of his or her qualification. A patient care technician studies courses which give him or her, the knowledge necessary to perform all the procedures as defined by the job requirements.

A person who has passed this course is also eligible to receive a Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate, whereby, he or she may also work as a nursing assistant.

Students in the Patient Care Technician program at our Anthem Education schools learn hands-on training in areas such as: respiratory therapy aide and equipment training, use of radiology and basic lab equipments, recording vital signs, and overall patient care.

Important Traits

Patients require care and love; therefore, it is essential for a patient care technician to be humble and kind. He or she must have patience and at the same time must possess the strength required to deal with the tantrums of any patient. For those who are considering becoming professionals in this field, they must remember that communicating clearly and listening to the patient are both crucial roles in making a treatment effective.

If you have any questions about the health field or the Patient Care Technician program, contact Anthem Education. We provide those eager to change their lives with a wide variety of programs, including cosmetology, information technology, allied health, and HVAC.

5 tips for starting a new career

5 Tips for Starting a New Career

It is said that you are never too old to start a new career. If  you want to venture forth in uncharted territory, then you must find your career passion. A career change can take place during any point of your life. Sometimes, things do not go as planned and you are faced with circumstances where you realize that the career you chose for yourself might not have been the correct choice after all.

When this understanding hits you, you can chose to do one of two things. Either you continue pursuing your career in the same profession while remaining dissatisfied, or you can take a risk and completely change your career. There are many instances when a young individual is confused about how to start his or her career.

If you are faced with either of the above situations, Anthem Education has outlined 5 tips for starting a new career.

Know Your Passion

Every person is passionate about something. Find out what that is, and make a list of all the things you love to do. Don’t think about jobs just yet; think about the thing you would like to do for the rest of your life. Once you’ve answered this question then determine what are the required skills and talents for that position. New Career Path

Job Possibilities

Once you have determined what you are passionate about then reflect on your training and experience. If you have the required skills, expertise and talent, then imagine the different jobs where that talent will be useful. Decide the jobs which can be aligned with your passion, list them out, and then choose one which you think would be the best occupation for you.

Gaining Experience

If you have the passion but not the experience, then think about possible ways of gaining relevant exposure. For example, you have a passion for helping people, so you can become a professional nurse. And if you have never had the required experience, then you can volunteer at a hospital and gain it. It is that simple. All you have to do is take the first step.

Search for Information

If, even after following the aforementioned tips, you are confused, then you should search the internet. Gather information from any other source as well, whether it is newspapers, magazines, gazettes, or even libraries. Find out all you can about the occupations which match your passion, and then decide which one you would like to opt for.

Acquire Training

Sometimes, you may have the passion but not the talent to do the job. If this is the case, don’t get discouraged, instead take charge and enroll yourself in a training program that will help you gain the relevant skills. Becoming an apprentice is another effective way you can train and hone your skills. Get training until you are completely satisfied with your skill level.

These are the five tips that can greatly help you start a new career or make a career change. You’re already halfway there, now all you have to do is take a leap of faith.

If you’d like to learn more about the programs Anthem Education offers, visit our program page or come by one of our campuses today. You’ll find that we provide a friendly, learning environment for anyone looking for a new career or for a career change.


Anthem College

Bright Future with a Career as a Dental Assistant

Are you looking for a career choice which ensures a bright future and success?

The career of a Dental Assistant ensures a bright future along with success in the healthcare industry. It is an ideal choice for individuals seeking to make their mark in the healthcare sector.

Nowadays, people have become more aware of the importance of oral health and hygiene and its impact on the overall health of an individual. This awareness has led to an increase in the number of individuals opting for expert dental care from dentists.

Industry Outlook

The rise in demand of dental health care has resulted in an increase in the number of jobs available in for dental assistants. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 31% increase in the number of jobs is expected in this sector, resulting in a high growth potential for this career.

Responsibilities of a Dental AssistantDental Assistant jobs

A dental assistant works under the supervision of a dentist and assists them in their clinical and dental procedures. Dental Assistants are responsible for handling and sterilizing different surgical equipment and keeps a record of all the instruments used in various dental procedures. They keep and maintain  the records of various dental procedures for different patients, and are responsible for preparing  radiographs among other duties.

It is the duty of a dental assistant to deal with the questions of different patients and educate them about the various ways to effectively maintain their oral health and hygiene.  In short, Dental Assistants perform and handle the different laboratory procedures required for the effective dental treatment of a patient.

Qualifications Required to Become a Dental Assistant

In order to become a dental assistant, one can enroll in a Dental Assisting program at one of our Dental Assistant schools across the country. This program ensures the required technical and healthcare understanding, in order to provide satisfactory knowledge to the student, so that he or she can operate successfully within the industry.

A completed diploma program in Dental Assisting ensures the right to practice and work under the supervision of dentists in different clinics and hospitals in the area.

Dental Assistant Careers Dental Assisting Training Provided at Anthem

The Anthem Education family of schools and colleges offers a diploma program in Dental Assisting. The program consists of training procedures, to equip the student with all the required knowledge and skills needed while working as a dental assistant.

The course work includes extensive training of different laboratory procedures, knowledge of radiography along with other prosthetic and periodontal procedures. Students are taught chairside skills, and learn diverse preventive and restorative techniques, for better oral healthcare.

Students are liable to complete two externships, before they qualify as Dental Assistants. These externships serve to provide students with much needed real life experience, which lets them utilize their knowledge and acquired skills, for assisting in the dental health care world. This hands on training guides students to deal with and resolve different problems and patient cases, when they step into the real world.

To pursue a career in the healthcare sector, strive toward a diploma as a Dental Assistant and make your mark in the industry. Call us at 888-852-7272 to learn all about our Dental Assisting diploma program. We provide those eager to change their lives with a wide variety of programs  in Allied Health, Information Technology, Cosmetology and much, much more.

Florida Career College Hosts Event for Locks of Love

Florida Career College and Local Girl Scout Troop Host event for Locks of Love

LAUDERDALE LAKES, Fla. (November 12, 2013) – Florida Career College (FCC) cosmetology students and instructors and members of local Girl Scout troop 1743 recently gathered at the FCC-Lauderdale Lakes campus’ Spa At The College to host an event benefiting Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

More than 40 people attended the “Hope for Hair” event, which was open to the public, and eighteen attendees volunteered to have six or more inches of their hair cut off to be donated to Locks of Love.

“At Florida Career College, we believe in the power of community engagement and constantly encourage our students to find opportunities to get involved,” said FCC-Lauderdale Lakes Spa At The College Manager Donna Gilmer. “Locks of Love is a worthy organization, and we’re glad that we had such a great turnout.”

Florida Career College
(LtoR) Amanda Klein; Robin Davenport; Jenny Wisehart; Linda Herrera; Claire Smith; Angelina Herrera, Senior Patrol Leader of Girl Scout troop 1743; and Donna Gilmer, FCC-Lauderdale Lakes Spa at the College Manager 

During the event, attendees enjoyed music, food and refreshments, and donors received a variety of beauty services following their haircuts, including hair styling and color treatments conducted by advanced FCC cosmetology students and supervised by licensed instructors.

FCC organized Hope for Hair with Girl Scout troop Senior Patrol leader Angelina Herrera, 18, who earned the “Gold Award” during the event for her outstanding leadership skills and community service efforts. In order to be eligible to receive the award, Girl Scouts are required to design, organize and implement a community service project of their own.

“It was such a pleasure working with the Florida Career College team to support Locks of Love’s mission to help restore the self-esteem and confidence of children who are suffering from hair loss and are afraid to face the world,” said Herrera. “There’s no better way to benefit such a great cause than to bring the whole community together for an event that’s celebratory and fun.”

In addition to this project, Herrera and her troop organize and participate in a number of service projects throughout the community, such as Special Olympics for special needs students, camp-outs and community-wide clean-up days.

FCC is a career-focused school offering curricula that teach practical and applicable skills for specific industries. Its Spa At The College, which is open to the public, offers services at modest prices including haircuts, coloring, extensions and styling, manicures and pedicures, and facial treatments.

For more information about FCC-Lauderdale Lakes, call the campus locally at 954-915-7681. Visit, Facebook and follow us on Twitter .



U.S. Constitution

Anthem Education Celebrates Constitution Day.

The purpose of the observance of Constitution Day is to promote study and education about our country’s constitution, which was originally adopted by the American Congress of the Confederation on September 17, 1787 and is now celebrated every year on September 17. On Constitution Day, it is important to remember how fortunate we are to live in a country where we have inalienable rights and freedom. Let’s celebrate the Constitution’s 226th birthday by learning key facts.

  • The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution is a brief statement explaining the Constitution’s fundamental purposes and guiding principles.
  • The Articles in the U.S. Constitution describe the functions of each branch of government and instructions on how to change the Constitution.
      • There are 7 articles in the U.S. Constitution.
        Article 1: Legislative Powers
        Article:2 Executive Branch
        Article 3: Judicial Branch
        Article 4: Relations with States
        Article 5: Amending the Constitution
        Article 6: Supreme law of the Country
        Article 7: Ratification by the States
  • There are 27 Amendments to U.S. Constitution. The first ten amendments are called The Bill of Rights. You can click  on our Constitution Infographic to learn more about the Bill of Rights.
Bill of Rights Infographic
Bill of Rights Infographic

Is a Career in Residential and Commercial HVAC Repair Right for You?

 HVAC systems play a major role in your quality of life. By regulating the temperature inside your home, HVAC systems allow you to live comfortably regardless of weather outside. However, regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your HVAC system working properly, which is why HVAC repair specialists are in such high demand. Here are some factors to consider if you are interested in pursuing a career in residential and commercial HVAC repair:

You Seek Job Security
According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the demand for professionals with HVAC repair training will continue to increase. HVAC systems are an integral part of any property, whether it is resident or commercial, and they require regular maintenance in order to operate effectively. Individuals who have the proper training and certification are sure to have a steady supply of work.

You Are Environmentally Aware
HVAC repair is an exciting field that has seen a constant stream of new technology. As energy prices continue to increase and people become more aware of environmental issues, HVAC technicians with training in green energy will be in high demand. HVAC repair technicians with an interest in environmental issues could be particularly useful in a market where consumers are increasingly interested in energy-efficient appliances.  

You Enjoy Hands-on Work
HVAC repair, whether residential or commercial, requires manual dexterity and an aptitude for hands-on work. For example, HVAC systems require regular maintenance like air duct cleaning and checks. Furthermore, individuals who have the requisite training can also install alternative heating mechanisms like geothermal heating systems.

Students in the HVAC program learn hands-on training in areas such as: installation, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and basic design of refrigeration heating and air conditioning systems along with a focus on service operations.  For more information about pursuing a career in residential and commercial HVAC repair, call Florida Career College at 888-852-7272.

Florida Career College Prom Tips

Florida Career College Shares Five Beauty Tips for Prom

Cosmetology Director Theresa Jacobs offers expert advice to help young women have an unforgettable night.

Prom is a milestone event for many high school students. Between finding the perfect dress, corsage and date, there’s an endless array of details for young women to consider when planning their perfect night. Florida Career College’s Cosmetology Director Theresa Jacobs offers these five useful beauty tips for prom that will help prom-goers look and feel their best.

1. Use powder to maintain a glowing complexion. Choose translucent powder instead of heavy foundation to create a radiating look and prevent the “shine” factor in photos.

2. Brighten your lips. Giving your lips a pop of color is a major trend this prom season. For olive complexions, pair your makeup with a rose lip color and for pale complexions, use a peachy or wine shade. Darker complexions look best in golden or plum hues.

3. Stick to classic hairstyles for a timeless look. Avoid elaborate up-dos, complicated styles and trends that will look dated over time. Simple chignons will accentuate your cheekbones and eyes, while loose curls will give you a softer, natural look.

4. Preserve your makeup all night long. Prep your skin by exfoliating and following with a toner before applying primer. Use a sheer, natural-colored shadow as a base before applying eye-makeup, and layer your lip color to achieve an enduring, “stain-like” application. Also, double up on products like mascara and eyeliner and set eyebrows in place with clear brow gel.

5. Choose a nail color that compliments your dress. Gray or nude colors go well with a trendy and funky look, while classic colors, like red or pink, coordinate with more simple styles.

“Prom is a celebration of being on the brink of your future, and every young woman wants to feel beautiful while enjoying this momentous high school experience,” Jacobs said. “While the most important part of the prom experience is having fun and creating long-lasting memories, this special night also calls for dressing up and radiating beauty from head to toe.”

The Florida Career College Cosmetology program is offered in Lauderdale Lakes, Hialeah, Kendall, Boynton Beach and Jacksonville. Campuses feature “The Spa at the College,” which is staffed with cosmetology students and offers services to the public including haircuts, coloring, extensions, and styling; manicures and pedicures; and facial treatments.

For more information about Florida Career College, call 1-888-852-7272 or visit Follow Florida Career College on Twitter at and like it on Facebook at

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