Because we are more than just a college! … Florida Career College is a way of life, a mind set, an understanding that you can do more, achieve more and go farther in your life with proper training, support and hard work. At Florida Career College we understand that not everyone was a star student in high school. We understand that starting college, especially if you have been away from school for a while, may have challenges that require additional support on our side. We know this. We are experienced in working with students who come to us with all levels of academic experience and we help them strive for excellence.

We are … “The College That Cares.”

Our Mission:

Our mission is to successfully prepare our graduates for new career opportunities


Florida Career College has specialized in career training since 1982. Our programs are designed for individuals who want to succeed in new careers.


Whether you need a specific class to learn a new skill or you want to earn a degree and begin a new career, Florida Career College can help you do it. We offer beginning to advanced training in many areas such as Medical Front Office & Billing, Medical Assistant Technician, Cosmetology, Patient Care Technician, Nursing, Information Technology, HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Health Services Administration, and Computer and Network Technician.


If you want to obtain a professional computer certification, you can usually take your exam at Florida Career College. We are an “Authorized Testing Center” for many professional certifications.


Florida Career College programs allow you to explore the many careers and opportunities available in the industry while you study. For your convenience, all of our programs are offered during the day and evening hours. A limited schedule is offered on Saturdays. This makes it easy to fit your training into any life-style schedule.  We also offer one class at a time to allow you to focus on one subject to ensure the best retention and success.


Florida Career College continually maintains and develops programs and courses according to industry needs. The College identifies the skills needed for today’s job market by working closely with industry experts, professional associations, and employers. The goal of this process is to ensure that our students graduate with the qualifications necessary to succeed in their chosen careers.


Florida Career College offers well-equipped classrooms, computer and medical labs, clinics and office space. We invest in practical, real-world equipment, software, and up-to-date training facilities to give students the advantage of “hands-on” training.


Our instructors are required to have current field experience and training before joining Florida Career College. They share professional insights with our students that might otherwise take years to learn. Our instructors attend seminars and workshops to keep current with new technology, topics, and issues and they share this knowledge with our students. We encourage instructors to maintain any professional certifications available in their fields of expertise.


Need help? At Florida Career College, all you need to do is ask! We will gladly go over any material that you may not fully understand. See the Director of Education to make tutoring arrangements as needed.


Our Career Center is available to all students.  We meet with students to help them develop professional resumes, practice interviewing skills and learn effective job-search strategies. Some campuses host job fairs and invite local employers, many of whom are engaged for student externships, to participate and sometimes act as guest speakers. We partner with local and national companies in order to make sure we prepare our students for the positions available, but also to have a network of companies that we can successfully place our graduates.  We even can help find a part time job during class to help you pay for your schooling.


Florida Career College’s mission is to successfully prepare our graduates for new career opportunities.

Our objectives are to:


At Florida Career College, we firmly believe that good training is the primary factor in achieving personal success.

The Florida Career College philosophy is based on four concepts:

Our programs* provide career-focused degrees and diplomas that meet the challenges of healthcare, technology, technical trades, business and legal industries by teaching students specific skills that are currently sought by employers. This way, students are prepared for the workplace right out of school or gain additional expertise to help them progress in their current occupations.

(*Not all programs are available in all locations. Program titles on this page are general and may be slightly different at some campuses. Degree types vary by state. Please see the campus catalog for specific information on program titles and types of degrees awarded.)