Top Careers You Can Prepare for in Two Years or Less

Yahoo! Education recently featured an article about the top careers you can prepare for in two years or less. Upon reading the article, we realized that the top 6 careers featured in the article are offered by Anthem Education. Many of these careers are offered at over 30 locations nationwide  and online. Read below for a summary of the article and how you can start one of these careers soon!

Career 1 – Medical Billing & Coding

Students are introduced to medical billing & coding procedures, as well as professional coding practices. Coursework includes medical record-keeping and documentation, medical office procedures, and healthcare reimbursement and legal issues. Students who graduate from the program are candidates for entry-level positions in the medical billing and coding field.

Career 2 – Pharmacy Technician

Students who complete the Pharmacy Technician program can compete for several types of entry-level technician positions in hospital, long-term care, and retail pharmacy settings. The program attracts adult students of all ages, including many who are looking to establish themselves in a new career. Read about one of our students whose Anthem experience took her out of her empty nest and into a new career and job with a compounding pharmacy. “I went from having no direction to having guidance, direction and enthusiasm. With my kids growing up and being independent, this is something for me,” this student told us.

Career 3 – Paralegal

Students in the Paralegal program learn about the legal process and are introduced to different types of law, including civil, criminal, business, and family law. They are taught the fundamentals of legal research and discovery and get hands-on experience with Lexis-Nexis, one of the leaders in online legal research. Program graduates are candidates for entry-level positions in law firms, corporate legal departments, and government offices as paralegals and legal assistants, court, municipal, and license clerks, title examiners, and legal secretaries.

Career 4 – Dental Assistant

Students are introduced to dental science and learn basic dental office laboratory and administrative procedures. They receive hands-on training that includes chair-side skills, instrument and tray set up and sterilization, dental radiography, dental procedural coding, and dental office skills. Dental assistants work closely with patients as well as the dental care team. They instruct patients on proper brushing and flossing, explain procedures, and answer questions.

Career 5 – Medical Assistant

Students learn about anatomy and physiology, as well as the fundamentals of medical diagnostic and laboratory techniques. They get hands-on training for procedures such as preparing patients for exams, taking their vital signs, and administering injections. Students who graduate from the program are candidates for entry-level Medical Assistant positions in physician and specialist offices and other healthcare facilities including clinics and outpatient care centers. About half work in physician or specialist offices.

Career 6 – Tech Support

Today’s fast paced business world depends on efficiency. The Information Technology program is designed to provide students with the skills required to design, install, configure, and maintain enterprise-wide networks and diagnose, prevent network attacks and vulnerabilities as well as computer maintenance and repair.

To find out more information on these careers visit the Anthem Education Program’s Page or reference the original Yahoo! Article here

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