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The Importance of Limited Scope X-Ray Technicians

Are you seeking a suitable career choice in the healthcare industry?

Do you wish to make a career choice which can open up new venues of opportunities and advancement for you in the industry?

The career of a limited scope x-ray technician has much to offer in terms of greater industry exposure and better chances of pursuing a good and rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

What Does A Limited Scope X-Ray Technician Do?

The scope of responsibility of a limited scope x-ray technician includes taking the x-rays of patients in a hospital or clinical setting, and providing assistance to the radiological assistants in the various testing procedures of patients prescribed by doctors.

The limited scope x-ray technicians assist the radiological technologists, who perform more complex and sophisticated procedures. The limited scope technicians are usually employed in diagnostic imaging centers, clinics and hospitals, where they are responsible for taking the x-rays of the knees, hands, chest and ankles etc. of a patient. Due to their limited skill and qualification they are restricted from taking x-ray images of the more sensitive parts of the patients, like the skull and the abdomen. The more complicated and sensitive x-ray imaging procedures are handled by the more qualified technicians in a healthcare clinic and center.

Educational Requirements Of A Limited Scope Technician

In order to become a limited scope x-ray technician, you will have to pursue a certification and training from a reputed and reliable college. An associate degree, diploma or certificate with the required training and skill set is essential for practicing in the healthcare industry.

Acquiring an associate’s degree in the applied sciences is not considered to be mandatory in order to practice in the industry as a limited scope x-ray technician, but the time and effort leads to better work and career opportunities in the future.

Importance Of The Career In The Industry

The career of a limited scope x-ray technician is one which promises great chances for advancement and a rising demand in the industry. The constant advancement in the scientific methods for improving the x-ray imaging procedure, and the use of the method in an ever increasing number of clinics and healthcare establishments has prompted a rise in demand for limited scope x-ray technicians in the industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for skilled and qualified limited scope x-ray technicians are predicted to grow at a rate of 21% between the period 2012 and 2022. The rate is higher than the average industry growth rate for other occupations, signifying the apparent demand for experienced individuals who can respond to the increasing need for expert healthcare assistance in the x-ray and radiological arena.

Attractive And Rewarding Career Option

Pursuing a career as a limited scope x-ray technician is both satisfying in terms of career goals and ambitions, as well as intrinsically rewarding due to the highly attractive salary packages enjoyed by the professionals in the industry. The job requires mostly laboratory work, with usually flexible work times.

With the years of experience in the industry you can be sure of enjoying a highly successful, satisfying and lucrative career in the healthcare industry.


Jeff Walters Picture (2)

Anthem College Orlando X-Ray Instructor Wins Instructor of the Year

“He’s the Coach Carter of X-rays,” “the Epitome of a Mentor,” and now Mr. Walters, the Lead X-ray Instructor at Anthem College-Orlando, is also Instructor of the Year for Degree Granting Institutions according to the Florida Association of Post-Secondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC).

Mr. Walters was honored on August 5 at the annual FAPSC conference in Miami due to his leadership and service inside and outside the classroom. “Although we have known for some time that Mr. Walters is one of the most dynamic and outstanding instructors anywhere, we are very proud that he was recognized by FAPSC for the caring, passion, energy, excitement and expertise that he brings to his classroom and students every single day,” says Anthem College-Orlando Campus President David Champlin. “He is truly one of a kind, and we are very fortunate to have him as part of our Anthem College-Orlando family.”

Mr. Walters has been an inspiration to students, faculty and staff at Anthem College-Orlando. His students in particular are known to sing praises of his leadership both inside and outside the classroom. His now-famous, pre-test speech encourages students to do their best. You can check out video tribute to Mr. Walters and his famous pre-test speech on the Anthem College Orlando X-ray Program Facebook page.

The following statements were written and submitted to the FAPSC Award Committee by students on Mr. Walters’ behalf:

“Mr. Walters’ teaching not only educates, but entertains. He gives teachers a reason to hold their heads up high. His students are young, old, single mothers and fathers, hungry for knowledge, or just participating to get out of the house, but they all come through his doors a student and emerge a professional. I always wanted to find a way to help the community more than just giving away my old clothes or feeding the homeless as they pass me, and I soon realized as the program progressed, that Mr. Walters is a true humanitarian in every sense of the word. This is a man who raises money to help the students of Anthem provide a Christmas to kids that would otherwise have nothing. Here is a man with a family and bills of his own staying at school more hours then they pay him to verify that all students are attended to equally and have an equal chance at succeeding in the real world. If a student needed extra tutoring to catch up with the rest of the class, he would help without hesitating – after informing the Mrs. of course.”

“Mr. Walters guided and groomed me into a confident student and a leader in my program over the course of my time at school. He taught me the skills necessary not just to work anywhere, but to “run the whole show” as he so often says. I’m proud to have been a student of Anthem College and particularly of Mr. Walters.”

“Mr. Walters is an astounding man, and an inspiration to everyone he teaches. His teaching methods are far beyond reproach and have led to the success of many students. His dedication and can-do spirit are the qualities any student would be glad to have in a teacher. That’s why I show gratitude and give thanks to Mr. J. Walters for helping me succeed and fulfilling a life goal and dream. He helped me step into, not a job, but a career that will allow me to fill a needed role in my community.”

Please join Anthem College-Orlando and the rest of the Anthem Education Group family in congratulating Mr. Walters on this well-deserved honor!

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