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Common Traits Of Highly Successful Students

Envious of the student who always gets good grades yet still go to parties? Wondering how they do it? Are such students born with this talent? Yes, some students’ easily breeze through their studies without much effort. However, there are some students who require making a few changes in their life and with some effort become successful students. The good news is that you too can be a successful student by learning to exhibit the common traits of highly successful students. If you are a little fuzzy on what exactly are those traits, read below to refresh your memory.

Follow a Study Plan

  • The best trait of effective students is that they schedule their studies and stick to them.
  • They manage their time properly and set studying time for each day.  They follow a successful studying guide.
  • They keep the same study time. This results in the study time being a regular activity for them.
  • Studying becomes easier for them once they study at the same time every day and follow a proper plan.
  • The students who don’t have a specific time for studying are unable to concentrate as much as the students with a proper schedule.

Set Goals

  • Setting goals keeps one motivated and interested in the task at hand.
  • Goal setting defines a proper direction for the students to follow and accomplish their tasks.
  • Start setting short term and long-term goals. This will help you to achieve your goals, as you will already have a defined path.

Move from Difficult Subject to Easy

  • The highly successful students make sure that the most difficult task is handled first.
  • The subject or assignment which will take more time and effort will need most of your attention.
  • Once you accomplish that difficult task, you won’t have any problem handling the other tasks.
  • When you accomplish the difficult task first, you will feel more motivated and accomplished.
  • This improves the effectiveness of your sessions and will help you to concentrate more.

Review, Review & Review!

  • This is one of the most significant traits of highly successful students.
  • Review what you have studied to make sure that everything stays fresh in your mind.
  • Make sure to take proper notes in your class and study them afterwards. Before starting a study session, review these notes first so that you understand the concepts more.
  • When you have to complete an assignment, review the lecture notes first then start working on the assignment. This will ensure that you keep the assignment on the right track.
  • Review what you have studied all week on weekends.

These are the four most common traits of highly effective students. These students have the will to study more by making some extra effort. They make a proper plan and stick to it. They do not deviate from their schedule and make it a regular task. They take on the challenge of balancing fun and studies. They reward themselves with fun when they accomplish a task. This way they maintain their concentration and motivation. This not only makes them successful in their student life, but they maintain these habits throughout their lives.

Successful students keep a balanced diet and get plenty of rest. Don’t forget to eat a balance diet of fruits, veggies and protein, and no skittles and potato chips are not part of the fruit and veggies group.  Your college success depends on you, the more you apply yourself the better you will do.


The Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Studying

Effective learning requires time and practice. If you are only memorizing, then you are not skillfully synthesizing and applying the information correctly. While some students may appear to possesses a super-brain with a great capacity for storing and generating information. However, the majority of students need more time to study for fully storing and processing the newly learned information.

It’s very easy to tell yourself “I’ll study later; I still have two weeks till my next test.” Studying can be a rather grueling exercise for many students, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these tips by the staff of Anthem College.

Do Plan for Studying

Studying is an easy task to postpone if you don’t include it in your daily activities. If you want to ace your exams, then schedule several hours a week for studying and school work. Organize your schedule around your schoolwork and study time. Stick with this routine every week. Don’t just spontaneously say, “I think I’ll study today.” Studying in a haphazard manner is going to produce meager results for you. Remember, school is an investment for your future, and you want to get the most out of your investment.

Learn to reward yourself for sticking to your study schedule. This could be anything from going out with friends to watching an hour of television. Using a reward system will reinforce the importance of your grades and schoolwork. Your biggest motivator should be finishing college and getting the career you have always wanted. Just think every time you procrastinate the only person you’re cheating is yourself.


Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination seems to be a default setting for most people. Have you noticed you tend to procrastinate more when you have a big test or project coming up? Some people tend to put off doing particular tasks when they can’t control the outcome. The reason you tend to procrastinate more during finals is that you are afraid of failing. However, if you don’t give yourself plenty of time to study unfortunately, you will fail. Don’t fall victim to your irrational fears, take control of your mind and motivate yourself to study.

Remember only you can break the vicious procrastination cycle. If you’re studying at home, don’t turn on the television or your computer unless you need it for studying. Hide your phone or tablet until you are done studying. You don’t need the temptation of logging into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and wasting precious hours you could have used for studying. Don’t talk yourself into doing unnecessary tasks. For example, deleting your email from the account you never use, or doing laundry when you have plenty of clean clothes. Don’t let your fears or excuses be more important than your dreams. Your dreams won’t come true unless you work hard to achieve them.

Don’t Compare Yourself

Don’t compare your studying routine to the studying routine of your friends. Everyone is different and what works for them, may not work for you; everyone has different styles of learning. Perhaps, you learn best by hearing things aloud; you like participating in class discussion, and you rather study in a group then alone. However, your friend is a visual learner; dislikes class participation, and prefers creating diagrams and flashcards. Many people combine different learning styles; the key is to discover what works best for you. If you are now wondering what is your learning styleclick here.

Don’t forget to keep a balanced diet and to get plenty of rest. If you are having a problem with your study material don’t be shy ask your instructor or classmates for help. Your college success depends on you. Always ask questions and seek out your campus resources if you are having trouble with your schoolwork.

Anthem Institute Kenneth Teore

Anthem Institute Student Succeeds Despite Complex Learning Disabilities.

In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, the photographs of Monroe Township resident Kenneth Teore, a 22-year-old student at Anthem Institute with Autism Spectrum Disorder, were on exhibit at the Monroe Township Public Library during the month of April.

 Despite his complex learning disabilities and high-functioning autism, Teore is excelling in the Graphic Design and Animation program at Anthem Institute’s North Brunswick campus. Teore is a gifted nature photographer and his education is helping him gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue his goals, which include working for National Geographic in film and photography.

“Kenny sleeps, eats and drinks his program of studies,” said his mother Joananne Teore. “We are so grateful for Kenny’s incredible opportunity to attend Anthem, where not only does he have an excellent curriculum-based education, but also wonderful instructors who have enlightened him about reading social cues and enabled him to be successful by meeting his needs using assistive technology.”

Through his exhibit, featuring a display of more than 20 photographs, Teore’s goal was to educate others about his experiences with autism, dyslexia and dysgraphia.

“Kenny’s story is just one example of how we strive to work with each and every one of our students to help them succeed,” said Maria Veglia, Executive Director at Anthem Institute in North Brunswick. “We have full confidence that Kenny will successfully complete his program and look forward to helping him establish a fulfilling career.”

Anthem Institute’s Graphic Design and Animation diploma program gives students hands-on experience with Graphic Design Industry Standard applications. Students take courses in basic design, digital imaging and print, 3D modeling and 3D animation. They learn to use the same packages and tools as graphic design professionals, including 3D Studio Max and Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite and are introduced to standard markup/scripting languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS ActionScript and MySQL.

Taught by graphic design and web professionals, students can receive academic advising from professional education staff, which also arrange for tutoring services when needed and help organize study groups. Program graduates can compete for different kinds of entry-level positions in the graphic design field, including web designer or developer, flash animator, Photoshop specialist or multimedia designer or specialist.

Anthem Institute in North Brunswick is located at 651 US Route 1 South on the 1st floor. For more information about Anthem Education, contact the campus locally at 855-331-7764.

Teaching adult students

Student Success Guide

What is Student Success?

I’m sure you all have your own ideas and opinions on this subject. Many may believe it’s the student that never misses class, studies every day, and graduates with a high GPA. But it can be as simple as grasping difficult concepts, being involved in student organizations or applying what you have learned in the real world. A successful student is one that realizes their journey is not over, they are continually impacting those around them. Here are some tips to help you achieve student success.

1.      Master Your Schedule.

There are 168 hours in a week. Make sure you know how you are spending your time. Prepare a weekly schedule, and keep up with it daily. If you find planners or agendas useless, use you smartphone. There are many time management apps you can download.

Great Time Management Apps:

  • Astrid Task/Todo list for Android Phones. With the Astrid Task App you will never miss a deadline, plus you will be able to automatic sync your tasks across your phone or Astrid.com.  Download for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timsu.astrid
  • My Class Schedule is another Android App Phone. Great App for keeping you up to date with your school work. The app is free with ads or you can purchase it for $1.31.
  • Inclass is an Iphone/Ipad App. With this app you are able to organize your schedule, share your notes, plus much more. To download click here http://www.inclassapp.com/

 2.      Go to Class

Showing up to class is the easiest task you can do. By attending class diligently you show your instructors you care. If you make the effort to show up and pay attention to the key topics being discussed, you definitely improve your chances for getting a good grade.  School is a pretty expensive commitment to not commit all the way.  If you are allowed to use your smartphone in class, use a note taking app or a note recording app.

Note Apps:

  • Evernote It’s a free app available to Android or Iphone smartphone users in conjunction with a desktop program. If you take a note using your phone (text, voice recording or snapshot) it will sync to both your online Evernote account and your PC.
  • Easy Voice Recorder is an Android App that lets you record your class lecture.

 3.      Improve your Study Strategy

Come up with a strategy that complements your schedule and learning style. There are many techniques you can employ to make studying less demanding and more effective. For example, you can use Mnemonics to help you memorize difficult material or flash cards to actively retain what you have memorized.

  • Mnemonics-” target=”_blank” We all remember from elementary school or junior high the order of planets by repeating these mnemonics, “My Very Eager Mother Just Served us Nine Pickles”, or “My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets.”
  • Example of an Anatomy Mnemonic- “A Peaceful Thoughtful Man” for Aortic, Pulmonary, Tricuspid, and Mitral.
  • Flash Cards-Are great for kinetic learners, the energy required to make them, plus the active engagement of reading them out load will help you retain the information at a faster pace. However, in order for flash cards to work they must be read out loud daily, at least seven days before your exam.
  • Flashcard Apps for Android-StudyDroid  is an easy to use flashcard application. You can make your own flashcards on your computer or you can browse the public flashcards at Studydroid. 

 4.      Join or Form a Study Group. 

Studying with other students will motivate you to keep up with your studying, plus,  it’s a great way to meet new people.  If you are going to form a study group make sure to limit the group to four to five students. Also select students that share your same dedication to studying and getting good grades.  Remember, “Two heads are better than one”.

5.      Join Campus Clubs/Organizations. 

The skills you learn from a club or organization can help you succeed in your classes too, plus it looks great on your resume. Being part of a club or organization is a great way to network, promote awareness and to force you to stay focus on your schoolwork.

Anthem Education is dedicated to helping our students achieve success. We are here to help you find yourself, by learning a new skill. Dr. Seuss said it best, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” If you are ready to read more, know more, and  learn more, visit http://www.anthem.edu.

We would love to help you find the program that’s right for you!

Pharmacist Pouring Pills into Bottle

From Empty Nest to Pharm Tech

By Bob Cohen

Like many women, Yvonne Halstead, 44, of Beaverton, Oregon, chose to start a family after graduating from high school. She moved to Arizona and later divorced and returned to Portland to be near family. And like many women, Yvonne found herself years later a single mother with children leaving the nest and her own situation unsettled.

“I felt like I had missed my option to go to college,” she says.

While raising her family, Yvonne had entered the workforce without a college credential, working a series of make-do jobs in retail, selling jewelry, clothing, and outdoor gear and later as an administrative assistant. A second divorce proved to be a turning point for her.

“I wanted to do something more worthwhile and meaningful…to be a productive person in society,” Yvonne says.

Yvonne started a new future for herself when she enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program at Anthem College in Beaverton, near Portland. Why Anthem? “I did consider community college but it didn’t have the same class structure or time frames as Anthem–or the discipline,” she says.

Anthem offered advantages including after-school help and a close-knit environment. “Anthem wants you to succeed and to learn as much as you can,” Yvonne says. “Returning to school was not easy for me but Anthem was a great choice. They care about you.”

Yvonne completed her diploma program in January 2012, got her national certification and even had a job at a compounding pharmacy in nearby Hillsboro before graduating from Anthem. The school played an important role in helping her gain employment. Having already hired several Anthem-educated pharmacy technicians, the pharmacy called again. Yvonne applied and had the job one week later.

“Anthem absolutely prepared me for every element,” Yvonne says. Referring to her current work environment, “I knew what to expect going in. Anthem teaches you everything about prescription medication, their usage, the different parts of body, and how drugs affect parts of body. If I hadn’t gone to work in a compounding pharmacy, I could have been making IVs in a retail setting. With the knowledge and information I got at Anthem, I could have gone into any area of pharmacy and been totally comfortable with it.”

For now, Yvonne is extremely pleased with how things turned out. Her job requires her to do just what Anthem taught: entering prescriptions into the pharmacy’s computer system, mixing and packaging prescriptions, coordinating with pharmacists, and assisting customers. She says she fascinated by the way that pharmaceutical drug manufacturers turn raw chemicals into helpful compounds.

And Yvonne’s thoughts about the decision to return to school? “It’s been of major significance. I went from having no direction to having guidance, direction and enthusiasm. With my kids growing up and being independent, this is something for me. It’s new, exciting and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.”

Massage Therapy school

Mastering ADD, Anthem College Student Focuses on Massage Therapy Career

By Bob Cohen

Like many young adults in the U.S., attention deficit disorder (ADD) made school a real struggle for Sergio Andre. “It was not as easy I would have liked it to be,” he recalls. The 27-year-old San Diego native says he was not on the college track in high school. After he graduated, Andre says, his options were few.

So Andre enlisted in the Navy and spent over three years as an E-4 petty officer, stationed in Hawaii. And while duty in Hawaii may sound appealing, Andre says that shipping out every three weeks made him feel more like he was visiting the Aloha state than living there. Meanwhile, Andre says he felt like he was “missing something” in civilian life and did not plan to make the Navy a career.

Finding that something proved elusive. After leaving the service, Andre worked a series of odd jobs: bartender, server, and retail salesperson. While studying to become a personal trainer, Andre took a class in massage therapy and “fell in love” with the field.

Andre says he was interested in massage therapy his entire life, without quite realizing it. He’d been giving massages to family members for years. “Somebody comes in hurting and leaves feeling ten times better. I like the satisfaction of helping people feel better,” Andre says.

Andre moved to the Portland, Oregon, area to help his grandmother deal with a health issue. He quickly found Anthem College-Beaverton and decided that its massage therapy diploma program offered the combination of people, schedule, and location that was right for him to pursue his career passion. “If I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I would have gone to community college. If you know what you want to do, you find an avenue to go and do it,” he says.

Anthem was that avenue. The school provided an array of career services, including job referrals, resume preparation,  and learning and practicing interviewing skills. After completing his program and becoming licensed, he quickly found a good job as a massage therapist.

Today, Andre says he has a “great job” at Dosha Salon Spa in Portland, where he performs three to four massages a day, five days a week, for walk-in and regular clients. Each client, he says, presents different issues and pose a different puzzle to solve, keeping the work interesting.

Speaking of his Anthem education, Andre says “I got everything I wanted out of the program. I didn’t feel like there was anything lacking. My glass is full.


Anthem Institute-Las Vegas Graduate Succeeds with ATB and Second Chance

By Bob Cohen

Mitchell Daugherty, 22, grew up in Las Vegas. When his mother and stepfather moved out of state, Mitchell says, his life started to spin out of focus. He concentrated on riding his BMX bike in skateboard parks and let slide other important issues, like studying and going to school. He dropped out of high school, returned briefly, and was expelled after a dispute over a sweater.

Mitchell took odd jobs, followed by two solid years of unemployment and living with his grandmother.

“My grandmother is laid-back. She just let me do what I wanted,” Mitchell says. He began to party, losing more control over his life and future.

All that began to change when he met his future fiancé, Kristy, who had a county job and was enrolled in college.

“I found her on Facebook. We started talking and I began hanging out with her. It made me feel like a piece of […] that I had nothing going for me and she had everything,” Mitchell says.

Soon after meeting Kristy, Mitchell took the Ability to Benefit (ATB) test. The math portion was stressful, he admits, but he passed with “flying colors” and enrolled in Anthem Institute’s Medical Assistant program offered at its Las Vegas campus.

When he learned he was to become a father, “I really had to turn my life around. Ever since then it was a mission to get my GED, graduate, and get a job before my son was born. I did all of that.”

In fact, Mitchell achieved perfect attendance at Anthem Institute and compiled a 4.0 grade point average, earning him honors as class Valedictorian.

Now working as a Medical Assistant at a pain rehabilitation clinic, Mitchell says “I feel great. I feel very successful and proud of myself that I have a career started.” His work is “very interesting. I learn new things about the body, procedures, diagnoses, every day. Before Anthem, I never felt like the medical field was for me but once I did everything was natural.”

Purchasing a new home, raising a family, working a satisfying job, life has certainly changed for Mitchell Daugherty. The former higher school dropout says he will probably continue his education in the healthcare field once he knows the specific direction he would like to pursue. Looking back, he calls his Anthem education “very good, informative, very hands-on. I actually learned a lot.”

Much of the credit for Mitchell’s turnaround no doubt goes to his fiancé and her influence on his life. But the Ability to Benefit test also helped him gain a second chance at success. Should that be a chance that others should have too?  “Oh absolutely,” Mitchell says, “I know I needed it.”

Unfortunately, others in need of a second chance may not get it. Beginning July, 2012, federal funding for ATB students will end, the result of a decision by the US Congress.

Anthem Education is dedicated to giving people who do not have a high school diploma or GED a second chance. We will continue to offer the ATB program for as long as it remains funded. We also offer Anthem High School, an online high school that allows students to earn a high school diploma and a Professional Skills Development Certificate that teaches computer, life, and time management skills.