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Florida Career College Pembroke Pines Campus Student Ambassadors Host Fundraiser

It’s been a great month for Florida Career College Pembroke Pines Campus Student Ambassadors.

Florida Career College (FCC) Student Ambassadors of the Pembroke Pines Campus held a month-long school supply fundraiser to benefit local Broward County School, West Hollywood Elementary. The FCC Student Ambassadors delivered a huge crate of school supplies consisting of backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, and glue; essentially everything an elementary student would need during the academic year.

Flordia Career College Student Ambassadors

(From Left to Right) Rosie Barrett, Juana Valdes, Ebony Patterson, Sharon Callendar, Shalonda Richardson, Tierra Cummings, Sylvia Klee, Chelsea Clarke




More than half the student body and faculty donated school supplies for the “Back 2 School” fundraiser. The FCC Pembroke Pines Student Ambassador President Juana Valdes along with fellow ambassadors:

Rosie Barrett, Juana Valdes, Ebony Patterson, Sharon Callendar, Shalonda Richardson, Tierra Cummings, Sylvia Klee, Chelsea Clarke, Donald Dubuisson, Gisella Scarpati and Tania Bernet organized the drive along with Margaret McCraw, Pembroke Pines Campus Library Assistant and mentor to the Student Ambassadors.


“The Principal Aimee Zekofsky and staff at West Hollywood Elementary were very excited and appreciative of the fundraising efforts done by our ambassadors,” said FCC-Pembroke Pines Executive Director James Branham. “At the Pines Campus we believe in encouraging our students to find opportunities to get involved.”

“We are thinking of setting up an outreach program with West Hollywood Elementary where the FCC Ambassadors volunteer their time reading books to the children,” said Margaret McCraw, Pembroke Pines Campus Library Assistant.


During the month-long supply drive, the Ambassadors posted flyers and unwaveringly communicated to students, faculty and staff about their commitment to aiding the students in need of back to school supplies at West Hollywood Elementary. “They are an awesome group of students and they did a great job of organizing and marketing the drive,” said Jim Branham. “Overall, a very successful effort…..very proud of the Student Ambassadors at the Pines Campus.”

Student Ambassadors - School Supply Drive






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Anthem College ambassadors

Anthem College Student Ambassador Program Wins APSCU Honorable Mention

Anthem College – Maryland Heights has received an Honorable Mention in the Innovative Best Practice/New Program category for the 2011 Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) Annual Achievement Awards. The Student Ambassador Program was the subject of the school’s nomination and recognition.

Student Ambassadors are not only student leaders on campus, but in the community as well. Students who want to become a Student Ambassador must have successfully completed a minimum of two classes, maintain an academic performance and attendance of 90% or above, display professional conduct in and out of school, and remain in good standing with Financial Aid.

These Student Ambassadors play essential roles in student and campus life such as:

    • Participating in an induction ceremony, graduation, and orientations
    • Attending student ambassador meetings once a month
    • Participating in student service and campus-sponsored activities
    • Maintaining the student ambassador bulletin board
    • Creating an open forum between the student body and staff and faculty
    • Providing peer mentoring and tutoring
    • Volunteering for any additional roles as needed.

However, these students receive wonderful benefits from the program as well.

  • Recognition by other students as well as the community
  • Develops leadership, communication, and networking skills
  • Encourages individual goal setting
  • Provides the opportunity for improving working relationships with students, faculty, and staff
  • Improves student morale
  • Opportunity to be recognized as Ambassadors of Distinction by completing at least 30 volunteer hours

    Campus President Heidi Wind welcomes a new student ambassador at the induction ceremony

Tiara Tocco, a current Medical Assistant Student Ambassador, revealed her reasons for becoming a Student Ambassador. “I wanted to be a role model for other students,” she said. “I heard great things about being Ambassador and how it was such a high achievement at the school. I wanted to achieve it and become a positive influence in the classroom.”

Gwen Keys, a Pharmacy Technician Student Ambassador, agreed that being a positive influence and helping her fellow students is the best part of being a Student Ambassador. Gwen’s motto is, “When we’re here, we are not just classmates, we’re family!”

Congratulations to the faculty and staff of Maryland Heights and all the past and present Student Ambassadors who have made the program such a success!

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