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Patient Care Technician

Earning A Degree As A Patient Care Technician

Do you want to pursue a career in the healthcare industry which is both rewarding and offers great advancement opportunities?

Earning a degree as a patient care technician might just be the career best suited to your ambitions and aspirations. A patient care technician is also called a patient care assistant, and they are responsible for providing qualified and technical assistance to doctors, nurses and the different support staff engaged in providing healthcare assistance to patients.

Patient care technicians have direct contact with the patient, making them an important and integral part of the healthcare team in any hospital, clinic or medical care establishment.

Responsibilities Of A Patient Care Technician

An individual who wishes to pursue a career as a patient care technician should be well aware of the responsibilities and duties entrusted to this position. They are responsible for collecting and recording vital medical information of the patients, collecting samples for testing and providing assistance to patients during the entire treatment and consultation process.

The responsibilities and duties of a patient care technician are vital for ensuring the proper healthcare treatment of a patient. The monitoring of patient symptoms and conditions along with collecting the necessary testing samples correctly and most importantly ensuring the suitable required physical assistance needed by patients, are essential for the patients undergoing treatment, and on their way to recovery.

The patient care technician’s serve as the bridge between the patient and medical professionals, and ensure the proper monitoring of vital signs and recording of important health information like weight, blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature, of the patient. They serve to provide much needed support to patients and offer them a comforting assistance to help them during their treatment.

Acquiring A Patient Care Technician Degree

If you feel that you have what it takes to pursue a career as a patient care technician and recognize your passion for providing healthcare support to patients in medical establishments, then you should seek a degree from a reputable college.  Post-secondary  certification is essential for a person who wishes to work in the industry as a patient care technician.

You can apply for an extensive training program in order to establish your career as a patient care technician, which has great demand and significant use in the healthcare sector. The career also offers great opportunities for advancement and growth, as many individuals get higher certifications and pursue advanced and more rewarding careers in the healthcare industry after gaining access to the sector as a patient care technician.

The patient care technicians provide their healthcare assistance services in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, care facilities and outpatient clinics. Their role of ensuring accurate and prompt monitoring and observing, providing basic essential care giving and qualified collaboration assistance and treatment support, mark their position as highly important and significant in the healthcare industry.

If you have a passion for practicing a career in the healthcare industry, and are compassionate, with the ability to act promptly and efficiently, then earning a degree and becoming a patient care technician is probably the ideal career choice for you.




Patient Care Technician

Is a Career as a Patient Care Technician Right for You?

Patient Care Technicians have evolved into one of the most highly demanded professionals in the health industry. They are the people who interact, on a regular basis, with the patients and try to gather information essential for their treatment. Patient care technicians provide valuable support to both the patients as well as the medical staff of the hospital. The following are some of the essential duties that PCT’s perform:

Providing Care

The main duty of a patient care technician is to care for the patients and ensure that their stay at the hospital is comfortable. For people who require nursing services at their homes a patient care giver becomes the sole authority who supports, and cares for them. A professional in this field may be required to perform various functions for the betterment of patients like bathe them, change their dressings, help them with daily errands, go out on a stroll with them, or even help them out of bed. Such professionals become the caretakers for the patients and look after their everyday needs.Florida Career College Programs


Monitoring the Progress

Patient care technicians remain with the patients and interact with them more than any of the other staff members. Their main duty requires that they monitor a patient’s progress and report it to the doctor when any serious changes occur. They must keep an eye on the patients’ physical activities, like pulse, vital signs, blood pressure, temperature, inhalation, etc. He or she makes a note of all the changes in the patient’s bodily functions, so that they could be reviewed by the patient later on. Along with this, a patient care technician assists the physician and nurses from taking blood samples, to setting up the required equipment for treatment in the operating rooms.

Educational Requirements

To become a recognized patient care technician, a person must acquire postsecondary education. Once his or her education is complete, he or she must receive a certificate of completion, which serves as proof of his or her qualification. A patient care technician studies courses which give him or her, the knowledge necessary to perform all the procedures as defined by the job requirements.

A person who has passed this course is also eligible to receive a Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate, whereby, he or she may also work as a nursing assistant.

Students in the Patient Care Technician program at our Anthem Education schools learn hands-on training in areas such as: respiratory therapy aide and equipment training, use of radiology and basic lab equipments, recording vital signs, and overall patient care.

Important Traits

Patients require care and love; therefore, it is essential for a patient care technician to be humble and kind. He or she must have patience and at the same time must possess the strength required to deal with the tantrums of any patient. For those who are considering becoming professionals in this field, they must remember that communicating clearly and listening to the patient are both crucial roles in making a treatment effective.

If you have any questions about the health field or the Patient Care Technician program, contact Anthem Education. We provide those eager to change their lives with a wide variety of programs, including cosmetology, information technology, allied health, and HVAC.