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How to Create a Portfolio

Portfolios are increasingly being used by people, students and professionals alike, nowadays, because of their effectiveness in forming impressive first impressions. Most of the college students are being asked to prepare portfolios so that they could sum up their achievements in an effective format. It also helps them assess how well they have performed in the various projects which were assigned to them, and helps them hone and perfect their skills, while at it.

Portfolios offer a better and improved way, by which students can demonstrate everything they have learned and acquired during their college years. But the question that arises is how to make a strong and impressive portfolio. Besides a great resume, nothing will impress a potential employer than a brilliantly displayed portfolio. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Keep It Crisp

Making a portfolio, which is too lengthy, can cause the interviewer/ employer to get irritated; therefore, it is always recommended that your portfolio should not be too long. Try to showcase 10-15 samples of your work. This helps the potential employer understand the depth of your abilities, while calculating the skills you possess. Make sure to mention your core area of specialty, along with any other talent you possess.

Current Samples

Make sure that the samples you add in your portfolio are the latest. Keep updating your portfolio so that every time you apply for a job, your employer gets insight into your true potential. The general criteria for mentioning the samples, is that they should not be older than 3 years. Try to keep them as current as possible.

Organizing the Portfolio

Whenever you are making a portfolio make sure that it has been organized strategically. Look at the type of employer/ client you are trying to target and then organize your portfolio in such a way, which would grab his/ her attention, and seal the deal. Some clients prefer to look at how you can benefit their organization with your services and expertise. If you are entering the professional world, then it is best that you organize your portfolio by placing your most current projects at the beginning, and place older ones at the back.

Highlight Key Information

Make sure that you highlight the key information which you want your client/ employer to know. Either make it slightly larger or bold it so that it catches the eyes of the viewer. These highlights can make or break the interview and your chances of landing a job. You can even create a small label for each piece of information you wish to highlight, so that your prospective employer/ client get’s a general idea of your capabilities.

Make It Attractive

The major point which makes a good portfolio is its level of attractiveness. Remember that well organized samples, containing impressive yet small amounts of data, can make a portfolio impressive and eye catching. Make sure that your important pieces of documents/ pictures/ samples are protected. Cover them with plastic in order to ensure that they remain safe. Be specific with the information you provide.

Making a portfolio is not a difficult task, just make sure to follow the aforementioned tips, and you’ll end up with a striking portfolio.

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Anthem Institute visits the Met

Anthem Institute Students Visit NY`s Met

About 25 students in the Graphic Design and Animation program at Anthem Institute – Parsippany visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) in New York City on November 12.

The Met holds a permanent collection of works ranging from Ancient Egyptian to Modern American Design. The students explored the history of art ranging from Ancient Egyptian to Late 19th Century. They effectively experienced thousands of years of art, see the transition from one era to the next, and relate this to today’s design industry.

The Met`s famous Egypt Room

For many students, this was a first-time visit to the Met or New York City.

The trip was lead by Walid Elshahed, Program Manager, and GDA instructors John Policano and Bart Capuano.


Anthem Springfield Marathon Man Runs 79 in 24

Kyle Young, one of the fine Graphic Design and Animation instructors from Anthem Institute Springfield, ran 79 miles to complete a 24-hour Ultra-Marathon July 22.

The run took place around Philadelphia’s Kelly Drive and along both banks of the Schuylkill River, in blistering heat and humidity.

Kyle had trained hard, spending his time planning, pre-planning, adjusting his diet, and strengthening his body, for the ultimate challenge—cracking the triple-digit goal of 100 miles in 24hours.

Seventy-nine miles in 24 hours is an absolute triumph of will and something we in Springfield are proud of. Well done Kyle!


Anthem Design Students Create Models

Students in the Graphic Design and Animation program at Anthem Institute Parsippany took a different look at the CAD*/Drafting environment last month.

Given the task of builders, their job was to take a set of plans they had previously created in CAD and build scale models. They were to utilize any material of their choice, and choose any of the building projects they had already worked on.

Drafters were given one month to work on their projects. The goal included not only completing the buildings, but site work that would surround it as well.

A very interesting array of styles was presented for portfolio pieces and will remain on display in the CAD lab for the next month. Congratulations to all the students for their hard work!

*Computer Assisted Design