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Florida Career College Constitution Day

Florida Career College Celebrates Constitution Day

Constitution Day (September 17) marks the anniversary of the Constitution’s formal approval by the Constitutional Congress in 1787. The Congress was made up of representatives from the 13 states that were the entire U.S. at the time. The event created a central federal government to replace a looser confederation of states. The week of September 13-19 is formally observed by colleges and universities throughout the nation with educational events about the Constitution. 2

Students and staff at Florida Career College kicked off the festivities by participating in a Constitution Day Trivia Challenge hosted by the Library Department. The students, who answered correctly, received “Smarties” for being so Constitution- Smart!

The Student Ambassadors and the Library department decorated the student break area with red, white and blue banners and with an over-sized replica of the U.S. Constitution. Students also received a scrolled replica of the original U.S. Constitution and quill pens as souvenirs to commemorate the occasion. 3


Congratulations to all the trivia winners and a big thank you to the Florida Career College-Pembroke Pines staff and students at the for participating in our Constitution Day activities. 4


5 Tips For Setting Goals To Advance Your Career

Successful people set goals in order to reach where they are, irrespective of their field. Goals that are defined clearly and are precise help you measure the progress you are making and to motivate yourself to constantly going forward and do big things in your career. Without goals, your entire hard work may seem a pointless charade to you. Subsequently, to achieve satisfaction in your work life, you need to set concrete goals and must take action to achieve them.

There are a few do’s and don’ts Anthem College Online would like you to consider before sitting down an outlining your monthly budget – See more at: http://www.anthemcollege.edu/articles/the-dos-and-donts-of-creating-a-budget/#sthash.1qMqlOc0.dpuf
There are a few do’s and don’ts Anthem College Online would like you to consider before sitting down an outlining your monthly budget – See more at: http://www.anthemcollege.edu/articles/the-dos-and-donts-of-creating-a-budget/#sthash.1qMqlOc0.dpuf
There are a few do’s and don’ts Anthem College Online would like you to consider before sitting down an outlining your monthly budget – See more at: http://www.anthemcollege.edu/articles/the-dos-and-donts-of-creating-a-budget/#sthash.1qMqlOc0.dpuf

Here are 5 tips from Florida Career College for setting goals to advance your career to the next level:

1. Set Reasonable Goals

Primarily, the reason why people are unable to achieve their goals is because they set unrealistic goals. For your goals to be a success, you should keep them manageable. For example, don’t promise yourself to land your dream job with the perfect salary on your first try. Instead aim to get several job interviews related to the kind of job that you would enjoy doing. This way you are being practical about your job opportunities, while still working towards getting your dream job.

2. Be specific

Your career goal should be specific. Clearly define what you want to achieve in measurable and quantifiable terms. This is important so that you may be able to track your performance and motivate yourself to work in the right direction. So next time, do not resolve to be a better networker. Rather work on building a single contact that is worth your while, or try a new technique of networking.

3. Set deadlines and milestones

Precisely set dates and timelines for your goals to keep track of your success or falling behind. Deadlines help you move in the correct direction, keep working to achieve the goals and keep motivating yourself in case you fall behind.

4. Communicate Well

Good performance is important to get noticed and receive appreciation. But, what is more important is communication to your superiors what your goals are and where do you want yourself reach with all your efforts. Try to create win-win situations for yourself and your organization, so that when the organization progresses you progress. Remember, managers cannot read your minds. You have to tell them exactly in what concrete manner you would like to be appreciated and also keep asking them for pointers to continuously improve your performance.

5. Go easy on yourself

Obviously, there will be times when you will get off the track or fall behind. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are failing. This just means you need to reevaluate to see what you are not doing right, reset your plans and then pick up your pace again. Remember, those who never quit, never fail!
With that said, career progress is not a job that just happens by chance. Rather, it is made possible by a well thought out, planned and worked constantly in the desired direction effort. So, set your goals wisely to reach where you want to be. And, meanwhile don’t forget to enjoy yourself through the journey!


Florida Career College Pembroke Pines Campus Student Ambassadors Host Fundraiser

It’s been a great month for Florida Career College Pembroke Pines Campus Student Ambassadors.

Florida Career College (FCC) Student Ambassadors of the Pembroke Pines Campus held a month-long school supply fundraiser to benefit local Broward County School, West Hollywood Elementary. The FCC Student Ambassadors delivered a huge crate of school supplies consisting of backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, and glue; essentially everything an elementary student would need during the academic year.

Flordia Career College Student Ambassadors

(From Left to Right) Rosie Barrett, Juana Valdes, Ebony Patterson, Sharon Callendar, Shalonda Richardson, Tierra Cummings, Sylvia Klee, Chelsea Clarke




More than half the student body and faculty donated school supplies for the “Back 2 School” fundraiser. The FCC Pembroke Pines Student Ambassador President Juana Valdes along with fellow ambassadors:

Rosie Barrett, Juana Valdes, Ebony Patterson, Sharon Callendar, Shalonda Richardson, Tierra Cummings, Sylvia Klee, Chelsea Clarke, Donald Dubuisson, Gisella Scarpati and Tania Bernet organized the drive along with Margaret McCraw, Pembroke Pines Campus Library Assistant and mentor to the Student Ambassadors.


“The Principal Aimee Zekofsky and staff at West Hollywood Elementary were very excited and appreciative of the fundraising efforts done by our ambassadors,” said FCC-Pembroke Pines Executive Director James Branham. “At the Pines Campus we believe in encouraging our students to find opportunities to get involved.”

“We are thinking of setting up an outreach program with West Hollywood Elementary where the FCC Ambassadors volunteer their time reading books to the children,” said Margaret McCraw, Pembroke Pines Campus Library Assistant.


During the month-long supply drive, the Ambassadors posted flyers and unwaveringly communicated to students, faculty and staff about their commitment to aiding the students in need of back to school supplies at West Hollywood Elementary. “They are an awesome group of students and they did a great job of organizing and marketing the drive,” said Jim Branham. “Overall, a very successful effort…..very proud of the Student Ambassadors at the Pines Campus.”

Student Ambassadors - School Supply Drive






For more information about Florida Career College, call 1-888-852-7272 or visit anthem.edu/floridacareercollege. Follow Florida Career College on Twitter and like us on Facebook.



Florida Career College Faculty Spotlight: Cynthia Alceus

This week our very own Professor of Nursing Cynthia Alceus from Florida Career College-Pembroke Pines Campus tells us a little bit about herself. Cynthia started her nursing career when she was in the military and is now working toward her Doctorate at the University of Miami. She is a passionate person who loves helping others no matter whether those people are her patients or her students. If you are not yet a nursing student at one of our campuses and would like to learn more about, our career-focused nursing program please visit our website.

Check out our Faculty Spotlight with Cynthia by clicking the image below.


Florida Career College Cosmetology

Bring Out the Beauty in People through Cosmetology

A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever – John Keats

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? It is the desire of every individual to remain bathed in beauty throughout their life. Generations of different civilizations have nurtured beauty with the result, that people, with the passage of time, have become more conscious about their beauty. This emerging phenomenon has given rise to the concept of cosmetology.

Bring Out the Beauty in People through Cosmetology

What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the application of different types of beauty treatments, which helps maintain a person’s youthful beauty. The process includes hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, skincare, application of cosmetics, and electrology.

As people started focusing on their outer appearance, the cosmetology industry became more popular and became one of the most flourishing industries of all times. Even in the face of recession, this industry has not only survived, but also emerged as profitable. The industry has a lot of potential, which is the reason more and more people aspire to become a professional within this industry.

How to Become a Cosmetology Professional

No matter where you turn, you meet people who are either, makeup artists, skin care experts, hair stylists, etc. The employment opportunities available to such individuals are paramount in nature. To pursue a career in cosmetology, you must first get yourself enrolled in a good college, and then start receiving training, which will help you survive in this competitive business. Cosmetologists offer a wide range of beauty services, such as shampooing, haircutting, coloring, chemical reconstruction, styling of hair, adding hair extensions, as well as the cleaning and styling of wigs.

Spa at the CollegeIn order to become a true beautician, you must obtain knowledge regarding all the relevant aspects of beauty, which can be gained through professional cosmetology training. We invite you to take a look at the School of Cosmetology at Florida Career College, our campuses offer  students the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills in our open-to-the-public Spa at the College.  Under the supervision of experienced and licensed instructors, students are allowed to perform an array of popular beauty services, including shampoo, haircut, color treatments, chemical reconstruction and hair extensions, cleaning and styling of wigs, as well as manicures and pedicures at affordable prices to the community.

Perks of Being a Cosmetology Professional

If you are interested in just a single field, then you can take courses related to your particular field of interest. However, if you are more ambitious and want to be an all rounder, then Professional Cosmetology training will help you achieve your dream. This training is slightly different from the training a person receives when studying general cosmetology.

Another opportunity you can work toward in this lucrative industry is becoming a cosmetology instructor. Once you have acquired the necessary experience in the field, then you can choose to become an instructor and help other aspiring cosmetologists make their dream a reality. You can provide them with proper guidance and help them get in touch with practicing professionals, so that they can gain maximum exposure.

If you are truly interested in making people feel more confident and good about themselves, then entering the cosmetology industry might very well be the correct choice for you.


FCC HVAC Technician

Career Spotlight: HVAC Technician

 What you can expect when training to become an HVAC Technician at Florida Career College:

Hands-On Training

Our HVAC training program consists of much more than bookwork.  Whether you’re learning about compressors and switches or refrigeration mechanics, you’ll be in an environment where you can actively take part in your education.  FCC curriculum trains you to provide skilled service for a variety of HVAC systems, as well as common diagnostic, repair, and maintenance tasks.

Experienced Faculty

At FCC, our faculty is well-versed in the different components of HVAC systems.  During your training, you will learn methodology, principles, and tools and techniques you will need in order to be successful.  HVAC instructors direct and supervise you as you are trained in subjects such as electrical controls, motors, refrigeration systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, and servicing procedures.

Important Characteristics

Check out our HVAC Infographic to learn more about the Important Qualities of a Successful HVAC Technician.

Click Image To Enlarge

Florida Career HVAC Technician
Click Image To Enlarge


Is a Career in Residential and Commercial HVAC Repair Right for You?

 HVAC systems play a major role in your quality of life. By regulating the temperature inside your home, HVAC systems allow you to live comfortably regardless of weather outside. However, regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your HVAC system working properly, which is why HVAC repair specialists are in such high demand. Here are some factors to consider if you are interested in pursuing a career in residential and commercial HVAC repair:

You Seek Job Security
According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the demand for professionals with HVAC repair training will continue to increase. HVAC systems are an integral part of any property, whether it is resident or commercial, and they require regular maintenance in order to operate effectively. Individuals who have the proper training and certification are sure to have a steady supply of work.

You Are Environmentally Aware
HVAC repair is an exciting field that has seen a constant stream of new technology. As energy prices continue to increase and people become more aware of environmental issues, HVAC technicians with training in green energy will be in high demand. HVAC repair technicians with an interest in environmental issues could be particularly useful in a market where consumers are increasingly interested in energy-efficient appliances.  

You Enjoy Hands-on Work
HVAC repair, whether residential or commercial, requires manual dexterity and an aptitude for hands-on work. For example, HVAC systems require regular maintenance like air duct cleaning and checks. Furthermore, individuals who have the requisite training can also install alternative heating mechanisms like geothermal heating systems.

Students in the HVAC program learn hands-on training in areas such as: installation, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and basic design of refrigeration heating and air conditioning systems along with a focus on service operations.  For more information about pursuing a career in residential and commercial HVAC repair, call Florida Career College at 888-852-7272.

Florida Career College Prom Tips

Florida Career College Shares Five Beauty Tips for Prom

Cosmetology Director Theresa Jacobs offers expert advice to help young women have an unforgettable night.

Prom is a milestone event for many high school students. Between finding the perfect dress, corsage and date, there’s an endless array of details for young women to consider when planning their perfect night. Florida Career College’s Cosmetology Director Theresa Jacobs offers these five useful beauty tips for prom that will help prom-goers look and feel their best.

1. Use powder to maintain a glowing complexion. Choose translucent powder instead of heavy foundation to create a radiating look and prevent the “shine” factor in photos.

2. Brighten your lips. Giving your lips a pop of color is a major trend this prom season. For olive complexions, pair your makeup with a rose lip color and for pale complexions, use a peachy or wine shade. Darker complexions look best in golden or plum hues.

3. Stick to classic hairstyles for a timeless look. Avoid elaborate up-dos, complicated styles and trends that will look dated over time. Simple chignons will accentuate your cheekbones and eyes, while loose curls will give you a softer, natural look.

4. Preserve your makeup all night long. Prep your skin by exfoliating and following with a toner before applying primer. Use a sheer, natural-colored shadow as a base before applying eye-makeup, and layer your lip color to achieve an enduring, “stain-like” application. Also, double up on products like mascara and eyeliner and set eyebrows in place with clear brow gel.

5. Choose a nail color that compliments your dress. Gray or nude colors go well with a trendy and funky look, while classic colors, like red or pink, coordinate with more simple styles.

“Prom is a celebration of being on the brink of your future, and every young woman wants to feel beautiful while enjoying this momentous high school experience,” Jacobs said. “While the most important part of the prom experience is having fun and creating long-lasting memories, this special night also calls for dressing up and radiating beauty from head to toe.”

The Florida Career College Cosmetology program is offered in Lauderdale Lakes, Hialeah, Kendall, Boynton Beach and Jacksonville. Campuses feature “The Spa at the College,” which is staffed with cosmetology students and offers services to the public including haircuts, coloring, extensions, and styling; manicures and pedicures; and facial treatments.

For more information about Florida Career College, call 1-888-852-7272 or visit anthem.edu/floridacareercollege. Follow Florida Career College on Twitter at twitter.com/FLcareercollege and like it on Facebook at facebook.com/floridacareercollege

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Pierson Grant Public Relations
(954) 776-1999 242

Glam Gram Instagram Spring Competition Winners

L to R: Urban League Vice President Joe Toliver; Florida Career College President and CEO David Knobel; Urban League of Broward County President and CEO Germaine Smith-Baugh.

Florida Career College Donates to Urban League of Broward County

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Fort Lauderdale-based Florida Career College (FCC), a career-focused school offering curricula that teach practical and applicable skills for specific industries, marked a new corporate partnership with the Urban League of Broward County with a $25,000 donation to purchase computer equipment, as well as two scholarships. The Urban League is dedicated to assisting African Americans in the achievement of economic equality.

Prior to the ceremonial check presentation, FCC management took a tour of the Urban League’s new 28,000 square foot state-of-the-art Community Empowerment Center, designed to serve as a place where parents, youth and residents can come to access programming, enjoy social events and mobilize others in the community on a variety of issues affecting their lives. The facility includes rooms for meetings, events and programs, including, a computer lab, class-rooms for financial literacy, workforce development and other educational training, as well as private counseling rooms.

“Florida Career College is committed to making a difference in the lives of others through offering students practical career training,” said David Knobel, president and Chief Executive Officer of Florida Career College. “One of the biggest barriers to education is the financial aspect. We hope that this donation and partnership will make a significant impact on the services that the Urban League needs every day to get members of the local community on track for a successful career and overall brighter future.”

Among those from FCC who joined Knobel at the Urban League’s Community Empowerment Center were Senior Vice President of Operations Martin Najarro; Vice President of Student Development Lawrence Avers and; Vice President of Marketing Erik Brodie, along with Urban League President and Chief Executive Officer Germaine Smith-Baugh and Vice President Joe Toliver.

“We are grateful to Florida Career College for making this generous investment in our community’s parents, youth and residents and for helping us in our ongoing mission to serve as a catalyst for change in Broward County,” said Smith-Baugh.