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How To Prepare For A Career In Business

Making a career decision is a choice that has a significant impact on the life of an individual. Therefore, it is essential to utilize all the available resources in order to make a wise and well informed career decision after carefully evaluating all the available opportunities within the surroundings.

How To Prepare For A Career In Business

Thinking about what career decision to make involves a careful study of one’s interests and passions along with an estimate of the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to pursue a successful career within the field of your choice.

Many individuals are motivated to pursue careers in the field of business, and pursue various opportunities and fulfill different requirements easily to advance their job careers within the business sector.

Organizing and running a business is no easy feat, as there are a myriad of issues and problems to handle which involve the careful management of business operations. A sound knowledge of the operations and adequate management of business practices is a prerequisite to pursuing a career in the field of business. Whether it involves working for a company in the position of a manager, or running your own business as an executive, sound theoretical and technical knowledge is vital for running a business and performing the various business related duties efficiently.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is considered to be an essential requirement if you want to pursue a lucrative career in the business field, with great opportunities for advancement and career growth. The important technical information and business know-how imparted to students by experienced professionals goes a long way in educating an individual regarding the important information they would require to make their mark within the industry.

Professionals who want to further their learning and successfully apply for higher executive and managerial positions within the business industry. The bachelor’s and master’s degree provide an essential background and knowledge of accounting, human resources, finance and other related disciplines linked with business, in order to provide an individual with a strong foundation on which they can easily build a lucrative and prosperous career. These degrees also serve to establish and improve the problem solving, interpersonal, analytical and risk analysis skills of an individual, preparing them successfully to pursue their chosen career path within the sector.

Experience is an integral component and important teacher of the different dynamics involved in the process of trying efficiently to run a business in the market. This experience is initially acquired through internships and training, which tend to prepare an individual for the work and effort required to pursue a job in the area.

A sound educational experience is considered to be very necessary for an individual who wishes to follow their dream, and seek various advancement opportunities to further their careers within the business industry. By acquiring new and brushing up on existing knowledge and skills, one can be sure of being able to realize their career dream successfully.

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What Do the NEW 10-Year Employment Projections Mean for You?

If you’ve researched information about employment statistics or careers lately, you’ve probably seen references to the ‘BLS’ and ‘2008-2018.’ Let me tell you why.

Every other year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) updates its employment projections, or what they think the job market is going to look like over the next 10 years. Before 2008-2018, it was 2006-2016. Before that, it was 2004-2014. You get the picture, right?

Well, it’s been two years again, and the BLS had just released its 2010-2020 employment projections!

This means there is now all kinds of new information about where the jobs will be over the next ten years, including which industries are expected to add jobs and which industries are going to be losing jobs. There is even information on which level of education is needed for certain jobs, and which level of education will see the most job growth.

So what does this mean for you as a student or someone who is considering going back to school?

If you are already a student, you might find it interesting to know which career fields are expected to be hiring over the next 10 years. This way, you can ask yourself if the field you are studying or the career you are working towards is performing the way you would like it to and if there is opportunity there.

The same is true if you aren’t a student. Maybe you are in a career field that you feel is going nowhere and wish you had better job opportunities. Maybe you have been thinking about switching careers and want to know where the jobs are and if it matches up with your interests. Maybe you have been unemployed and you just want a job that pays and has performed well in a tough economy.

No matter what your situation is, you might be interested in what these new BLS projections have to say.

If you are not convinced, how about checking out a few highlights that I found during my reading of a recent BLS release?

  •  “The health care and social assistance sector is projected to gain the most jobs (5.6 million), followed by professional and business services (3.8 million).”
  • “One-third of the projected fastest growing occupations are related to health care, reflecting expected increases in demand as the population ages and the health care and social assistance industry grows.”
  • “Occupations that typically need some type of postsecondary education for entry are projected to grow the fastest during the 2010-20 decade.”

Did you find any of that interesting? Well, I did.

If you are thinking about training for a new career, but don’t know where to start, you might want to check out Anthem Education. With 23 campuses across the United States, and Anthem College Online, we are not hard to find. All of our programs are designed to be career-focused and teach students the skills for a specific career area in the healthcare, technology, legal, business and veterinary technology fields. Call Anthem Education today at 1.866.381.6397 or visit our website for more information. We’d love to talk to you about your education and career goals and help you find out how we can support your needs.

If you would like to learn more about what the 2010-2020 projections have to say, head on over to the BLS website.

Morrison University

Morrison University Launches Fast Start High School-to-College Transition Program

Contact: Joyce Decker
For Morrison University


Reno, Nev., January 30, 2012Morrison University in Reno, Nevada announces its Fast Start high school-to-college transition program.

Beginning February 1, 2012, the program is open to second semester high school seniors who meet certain academic and other requirements. Morrison University selects students based on information provided in the student application, including a short essay. Students who are selected to participate will be permitted to take a total of two college-level general education courses at Morrison University at no charge.

“Our Fast Start program provides high school seniors an opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school,” says Morrison University Campus President David Heckeler. “This experience gives the participating students a valuable experience in a university environment.”

“Receiving a high school diploma and pursuing higher educational opportunities is essential to preparing our children for their futures,” says Dr. Heath Morrison, Superintendent for the Washoe County School District. “It is extremely important that we get our children thinking about college at a younger age. The Fast Start Program will be a tremendous asset that will expose our students to college level courses and the rigor involved in a university environment.” (Dr. Morrison is not connected to Morrison University.)

Morrison University offers undergraduate degrees in business and technology fields and a Master of Business Administration. The school is located at 10315 Professional Circle in Reno. For more information and to request an application, please contact Joyce Decker, Director of Admissions, at 775-335-3905 or jdecker@morrison.anthem.edu.


About Morrison University

Originally established in 1902, Morrison University is part of Anthem Education, a Phoenix, Arizona-based family of schools and colleges that provide

career-focused training and education programs at 23 accredited institutions in 15 states as well as online. The Anthem Education family of schools includes Anthem College, Anthem College Online, Anthem Career College, Anthem Institute, Anthem College – Bryman School, and Morrison University. For more information, visit http://www.anthem.edu.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at www.anthem.edu/disclosures.

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Thinking about working for yourself? Check out Anthem Education programs.

You’re getting the education and training to enter the workforce, boosted by Anthem Education’s Career Services that teach you how to do a job search. If you’re in one of Anthem’s healthcare programs, you will also complete an Externship with an employer in your community as well.

And maybe, after you’ve worked for a few years in professional settings, you might start thinking about becoming your own boss, striking out on your own. You may have solid reasons to do this, including a desire to control your hours so you can care for a family member or work more hours. Maybe you just want to see what it’s like to work out there for yourself.

Lots of people are taking this step. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which tracks employment trends, predicts that the number of people who are self-employed will grow by 10.5% between 2008 and 2018.  Almost 12.5 million jobs, or 5.5% of the workforce, will consider themselves to be self-emloyed.

Here are some careers that can be a good fit for self-employed workers:

  • Massage Therapist. According to BLS, more than half of all massage therapists—57%!—are self-employed. In fact, Anthem’s Massage Therapy programs include a course that discuss business practices, including how to develop a business plan, marketing, and ethics. In addition, Massage Therapy students who have completed their classroom and lab training work at their school’s onsite, supervised clinic, where they are introduced to the business environment and clients who pay for their services.
  • Paralegal. Although a small number of paralegals are self-employed, this could become more common in this career. BLS expects that paralegals’ responsibilities will grow and expand. Paralegals with experience and specialized training could find themselves in a position to decide to contract their services to law firms, corporations, and other organizations that use their services. Two new developments have shown up in the paralegal field that can also encourage more paralegals to become self-employed:
    • Freelance paralegals work in paralegal-owned businesses or partnerships, or are freelancers who provide paralegal and administrative work under supervision of an attorney.
    • Independent paralegals provide administrative or clerical services that do not require attorney supervision. They often provide services directly to the public.

Learn more about studying for a paralegal degree with Anthem.

  • Graphic/Web Design. BLS information indicates that many graphic designers do some work on their own. Many have equipment at home used for freelance work, a side business for those who are employed with firms, or for their own full-time business. In fact, BLS even provides information on the median earnings of self-employed graphic/web designers. If these careers interest you, check out our Graphic Design and Animation and Web and New Media programs.
  • Bookkeepers. The bookkeeping career, an option for graduates of the Morrison University and Anthem College Online Accounting Associate Degree programs, already has a healthy number of freelancers. More than half of the bookkepers who responded to a 2005 survey by the American Institute of Professional Bookkepers said they were self-employed or freelancing.
  • Accountants. BLS says that about eight percent of accountants and auditors are self-employed. Morrison University offers a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Remember, most people who are self-employed take this path after they have worked in their careers for at least a few years.

Working for an employer brings valuable benefits, including additional on-the-job training, developing a sense of corporate culture and professionalism, and mentor relationships. In addition, many employers offer healthcare, vacation, and other benefits. (Health insurance will become more widely available to self-employed people in 2014.) But for many professionals, self-employment can be the answer between balancing the desire to work and meeting other responsibilities at home.

Press Release: Morrison University Hosting Open House Jan. 18

Contact: David Heckeler
For Morrison University



Reno, Nev., January 12, 2012―Morrison University will host an Open House next Wednesday, January 18, from 10 am to 7 pm. The College is located at 10315 Professional Circle, Suite 201, just south of Renown South Meadows Medical Center on Double R Boulevard.

“We want to begin 2012 with a strong, positive message about the value of education,” says Campus President, David Heckeler. As part of this campaign, Morrison is waiving the application fee for new students through January 30.

Morrison University has specialized in offering quality, business-related education and training since 1902. Most Morrison University instructors are professionals working in their field who bring valuable, real-world knowledge and experiences to the classroom.

“Morrison is different,” Heckler says. “Our class schedules work with students, not against them. Our programs are offered days and evenings to give students the flexibility to balance their personal and academic responsibilities.

Morrison University offers the following degree programs:

  • Accounting                        (Associate of Science & Bachelor of Science)
  • Computer Science            (Associate of Science)
  • Information Systems       (Bachelor of Science)
  • Management                    (Associate of Science & Bachelor of Science)
  • Master of Business Administration

Morrison University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

To RSVP and get more information about the Open House, please call 775-335-3900 or visit the College’s website at www.morrison.anthem.edu.

About Morrison University

Originally established in 1902, Morrison University is part of Anthem Education, a Phoenix, Arizona-based family of schools and colleges that provides career-focused training and education programs at 23 accredited institutions in 15 states, as well as online. In addition to Morrison University, the Anthem Education family of schools includes Anthem College, Anthem College Online, Anthem Career College, Anthem Institute, Morrison University, and Anthem College – Bryman School. For more information, visit www.morrison.anthem.edu.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at www.anthem.edu/disclosures.

(click to download press release in PDF format)

Healthcare, Business Jobs Continue to Grow

More jobs are being created in healthcare and  the professional and business services areas, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that tracks and reports on job growth and other employment information.

More than 17,000 new jobs in healthcare were filled in November, 9,000 of them in hospitals. About 27,000 new healthcare jobs were filled during each month during the past 12 months.

Jobs in professional and business services grew by 33,000 in November. These are jobs in areas such as computer systems design, advertising and public relations, and management and technical consulting. BLS also found that about half the growth in this area are in jobs that are not supervisory, which would include entry-level positions.

BLS also finds that education really does matter when it comes to employment. The unemployment rate for people who did not finish high school is more than 13 percent. Even a high school diploma makes a big difference in employment; the unemployment rate for high school graduates is under nine percent.

People who have some college or an associate degree have even lower unemployment rates, down to 7.6 percent. And those with a bachelor’s degree or higher have the lowest unemployment at 4.4 percent.

Unemployment rates dropped for people at all educational levels over the past year and over the past three months.

Where are the new jobs? BLS says that new jobs appeared in 29 states plus Washington, DC over the past month. Seven showed significant job gains; three states are  home to an Anthem Education campus!

  • New York (29,500 new jobs)
  • Georgia (13,000 new jobs)
  • Tennessee (9,600 new jobs)

Texas also added 20, 800 new jobs but this is not considered “significant.”

Looking over the past year, 25 states showed significant job growth. Many are states with an Anthem presence:

  • California (233,100 new jobs)
  • Texas (226,000)
  • Florida (98,100)
  • New Jersey (29,100)
  • New York (83,600)
  • Oregon (18,900)
  • Pennsylvania (51,000)
  • Tennessee (32,400)
  • Texas (226,000)

Are you thinking about a new career in healthcare or in a business/professional field? Check out the list of programs offered by Anthem Education. We have 23 campuses across the nation, plus Anthem College Online.

stress relief

5 Facts about Student Stress and How You Can Fight It

Stress… If there was ever a five-letter word that you should avoid, this is it.

I know that a lot of times stress feels unavoidable, especially during the holidays. And I know that students these days are busier than ever before. I’m sure many of you are juggling family responsibilities, part-time or full-time jobs, and other things that take up your time and efforts. Nonetheless, the negative effects that stress has on your body make it something you should fight as strongly as you do the common cold or any other illness or disease.

In an article for the Washington Post, writer Jeff Goelitz says that today’s students are under “massive amounts of stress.” As a co-author of a new book, The College De-Stress Handbook: Keeping Cool Under Pressure from the Inside Out, Goelitz has done a lot of research on the effects that stress has on college students. In an effort to shed light on the damage it can have, Goelitz shares five important facts about stress that all college students should know.

1. Stress can make smart people do stupid things. Did you know that stress affects your brain? Goelitz writes that stress hinders an important part of the brain that influences your decision-making. It can also have a negative impact on other mental abilities as well, which is why it is so important to acknowledge your stress when you feel it and do everything you can to eliminate it (more on that later).

2. The human body doesn’t discriminate between a big stressful event and a little one. You know how people categorize a lie, right? A little lie is usually called a white lie or maybe a fib. A big lie doesn’t really need adjectives because the results of telling a big lie, and the affects it has on you and others pretty much shows that it was a big lie.  It’s not like that with stress. To your body, there is no such thing as little white stress. “Any stressful experience will create a cascade of 1,400 biochemical events in your body,” writes Goelitz. And if you don’t get rid of it, he says, you can start to experience the results of these events, such as premature aging and lack of energy. Yikes.

3. Stress can become your new norm. When you wake up in the morning, it’s the start of a new day. No one has cut you off in traffic yet, or hurt your feelings. The work hasn’t piled up yet and yesterday’s deadlines are behind you. You should wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated, not stressed. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Do you wake up feeling that way? If you don’t, and you find yourself feeling stressed more often than not, it’s possible that you’ve been stressed so much that your body sees that as your emotional norm. Goelitz writes that high stress can turn dangerous if it goes unchecked, and it can increase your risk for health problems, such as depression, sleep problems, memory impairment, obesity, digestive problems and more.

Need some relief from stress?

Feel like controlling your stress now? Well, I’ve got good news. Read on!

4. Stress can be controlled. Yay! Obviously with all the negative effects that stress can have, it makes sense that there would be studies done on how to control it. According to Goelitz, the key is “emotional-refocusing techniques.” This means realizing when you are feeling stress then refocusing your emotions on something more positive. Goelitz references a technique from the HeartMath website where you slow your thoughts and breathing, and focus on your heartbeat and positive feelings. Think it sounds kind of funny? Well, I bet it’s not as funny as wrinkles, sleep deprivation and depression. Consider giving it a shot! It seems to me that this is one of those times when the potential benefits would make it worth a try.

If you are a student at an Anthem Education school or college, and are feeling pressure from those outside stressors in your life, you are not alone and we want to help. The Student Services department at your campus can help you try to find ways to deal with these things and might have some ideas for you and your specific situation. So give them a call or head on over to talk to someone. If you are an Anthem College Online student, you can call SOAR Student Assistance, which provides professional, phone-based counseling to our students and family members and  is 100 percent confidential.

5. Stress less by loving what you study. Do you enjoy what you are studying? At Anthem Education schools and colleges, we provide education and training to prepare students for real careers. With that in mind, the way you feel about your program of study now, is probably only going to intensify when it becomes your career. If you don’t enjoy learning about it and training for it, you probably aren’t going to enjoy it that much when you actually have to do it. If you already love what you do or what you are studying, congratulations! You are already on your way to becoming less stressed than probably half of the people in the world.

If you do not love what you do or what you are studying, and you are ready to pursue a new career that you truly love and enjoy, check out Anthem Education’s family of schools and colleges. We offer career-focused training in a variety of programs for the healthcare, technology, legal, and business fields. Plus, with 23 campus locations across the U.S. and Anthem College Online, we are not hard to find.

Call us today at 1.866.381.6397, or visit our website to learn more!

Morrison University MBA

Morrison University MBA Makes it Mark With Advanced Business Training

According to an article for the New York Times titled, “The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s,” the master’s is now the “fastest-growing degree” in the United States.

Since 1902, Morrison University has provided business-related education and training to students in and around Reno, Nevada. Today, this includes associate and/or bachelor’s degree programs in Accounting, Computer Science, Information Systems and Management, and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

The MBA helps students develop the skills and knowledge to successfully lead and manage in today’s business environment. Students take courses that cover key business topics such as management, economics, policy, communications and ethics.

Are you looking to take your business studies a step further, but aren’t sure if you meet the qualifications to earn your MBA at Morrison University?

There are two minimum requirements for admission into the Morrison MBA program.

    1. Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree from a nationally or regionally accredited college.
    2. Applicants must have held a minimum 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate degree or two years of professional work experience as evidence of their academic potential.

These requirements may seem strict, but completing this challenging program takes dedication and a certain level of previous knowledge and/or experience. At the same time, the application requirements for MBA programs have actually gotten more lenient in recent years according to MBA blogger Stacy Blackman.

In her blog entry titled, “You’re Never Too Old or Too Young for Business School,” she explains that the MBA used to be reserved for people who already had 5-7 years of experience in business. These days however, more and more students have already gained some professional work experience during college, or at least have a solid foundation of knowledge to prepare them for the program.

If you would like to learn more about the MBA program at Morrison University, please visit our website.

Jobs linked with career training

Coalition for Educational Success Links Jobs with Career Training

Have you heard of the Coalition for Educational Success?

The group is made up of a number of career colleges in the United States. According to its website, the group “[promotes] policies that support access to higher education, particularly for non-traditional students including full-time workers, workforce returners, working parents, minorities and veterans.”

So why do I ask?

Well, in a September 2011 article for the Sun Herald online newspaper, the Coalition’s Managing Director, Penny Lee, shared her thoughts on unemployment in the U.S.

“Today, the jobs exist, but the properly trained workforce does not,” she explained. “America needs to bridge the gap between employers’ needs and workforce training.”

Now if you’re wondering about the unemployment rate, I have some not so good news. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) released its latest Employment Situation report on September 2, 2011. The report shows a national unemployment rate of 9.1 percent as of August 2011.

Of course this is higher than any of us would like it to be. But Lee believes this is where career colleges can help.

The same report by the BLS also shows that the health care field “continued to add jobs” in August. In other words, the need for people with healthcare education and skills to fill those positions increased.

Career colleges offer programs that train students for specific careers (which is probably why they are called career colleges). This kind of training can help match the skills that are needed in the workforce.

As Lee puts it, “Career colleges stand ready to build on our success of preparing students for in-demand careers and assist federal, state and local governments to address the skills gap that exists in America.”

Anthem Education Group schools and colleges offer career-focused training for the healthcare, technology and business fields.* Programs are designed with input from local employers so students get the education and training that employers want to see. To learn more about our career training programs, such as Dental Assistant, Surgical Technologist, Graphic Design & Animation, Paralegal, Management, Medical Billing and Coding and more, please visit our website.**

*Not all programs are available at all locations, and program names may vary by location.

**For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at www.anthem.edu/disclosures.

Morrison University MBA

Lead, Succeed and Inspire with an MBA from Morrison University

Have you ever heard such popular sayings as, “The more you learn, the more you earn,” or, “Education pays?”

Let`s face it, the majority of students do not go to school because they enjoy it, but because they know a degree or certification will help them succeed in their chosen career.

The Anthem Education family of schools is dedicated to student success. We offer a variety of diploma programs and associate and bachelor degrees in competitive fields.

However, if you are looking to advance your career even further, consider the MBA program at Morrison University.

Yahoo! Education just named Masters of Business Administration degree as one of the Top 5 Degrees that Lead to Success.

Yahoo notes some famous businessmen and politicians who have earned the MBA: Nike`s Phil Knight (Stanford University), former President George W. Bush (Harvard), Gen. Colin Powell (George Washington University), and William R. Johnson, the president, CEO, and chairman of Heinz (University of Texas), to name a few.

As the economy continues to recover MBA hiring is expected to increase. A report from Marketwire on GMAC`s annual hiring survey indicates that employers plan to hire more MBAs.

“The intrinsic value [companies] place on the skills people develop in business school does not rise and fall just because the economy does,” Dave Wilson, president and CEO of GMAC, told Marketwire. “Management talent is always critical to the well-being of any organization, and as conditions improve, employers will find ways to acquire more of that talent.”

To qualify for Morrison`s MBA program, students must hold an undergraduate degree from a nationally or regionally accredited college. Additionally, they must have graduated  with a GPA of 3.0 or above, or have a minimum of two years of professional work experience as evidence of their academic potential.

For more information on Morrison’s MBA program, visit our website or call 1-866-502-2627.