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How to Succeed in the I.T. field

The I.T industry has been expanding exponentially since its inception. Compared to other industries, the IT industry is fairly new, but it has shown immense growth and change over the last two decades.

With the large number of candidates eager to get into the IT field, it can be a competitive field to get into if you don’t have the proper qualifications and training. However, with the proper training, and the right attitude just about anyone can get their foot in the IT industry. Now, if you are looking to be successful in the IT field you are going to need to develop other competencies besides being technical. You are going to need to focus on developing your soft skills if you want to keep moving forward in your IT career. Do you have what it takes to be successful IT professional?

Be Persistently Flexible

The IT industry is always evolving to accommodate the growing demand for new computers and information networks. While this is good news for the rest of the world, the people who are in the IT field have a tougher time since they always have to be on top of the latest technological trends that appear overnight.

Many IT professionals have to anticipate for situations when something stops working or becomes obsolete. To become a successful IT professional, you will need to have the flexibility and persistence to deal with the many issues that arise with end user mishaps, security vulnerabilities, and technical failures


It is common knowledge that IT software and hardware can be delicate, complicated and a little unpredictable. The ability to predict and identify changes or problems in a client’s or employer’s network, hardware or software before it becomes a problem is a skill that an IT professional needs to develop.

There are times when systems just fail to work for no apparent reason. In such scenarios, the IT professional must be able to work under pressure and immediately come up with a solution without disrupting a client’s or employer’s work environment for too long. Being able to stay calm, anticipate problems and to come up with innovative solutions are important skills for this career.

Knowledge of Hardware and Software

IT professionals are responsible for the computers and the hardware and software that keep local-area and wide-area networks running smoothly. To succeed in this field, you must be able to work with all of the physical components of a network, be able to prevent network attacks and vulnerabilities as well as computer maintenance and repair. You must be able to understand how this hardware and software can be implemented in a business setting without disrupting the day-to day operations.

 Passion and the Desire to Learn

Since, the IT industry is constantly evolving this means that newer IT practices and solutions are being introduced every day. Therefore, anyone interested in succeeding in the IT field must have a real passion and motivation for learning new things. Being passionate about IT will ensure that you are willing and committed enough to take up the challenges that the industry will throw at you on a daily basis. If you don’t like the idea of learning, then IT is not the field for you. Without the passion for learning the latest technology, an IT professional will rapidly fall behind the competition, and the IT field will feel tedious and bleak. On the other hand, if you have the passion, curiosity and a desire to learn, you will find the IT industry to be a real wonderland with something new to discover or learn every day.

At Anthem Education, we offer an associate degree or bachelor degree program in Information Technology.

The Best Test-Taking Techniques

Taking tests is the nightmare of almost every student!

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare you had where you took a test and failed miserably?

The idea of having to take tests leads to many students to wake-up in the middle of the night in a state of panic. Students  become so stressed out that they mess up their exams even though they prepared so hard for it. The key to passing  any exam is to plan ahead and to adopt test-taking techniques that will work best for you.   So, are you ready to ace your exams? To help you get started, here are several tips for you.

Adopt A Can Do Attitude!

It is vital for students to have a positive attitude before taking any big exam. With a can do attitude, you will more likely to ace your exams. If you think that you will fail, you will fail. If you think that you will pass, you will pass.

Work Out A Study Schedule

By following a daily study schedule, you will be tackling your course material and exam topics easily and methodically. Learning takes time, and by planning, you will feel less stress and anxiety.

It is not fun having to cram a ton of information the night before a big exam, and feeling nervous and scared about failing the exam. Therefore, give yourself enough time to study if you want the guarantee of passing your exams.

Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for battling any big exam. In order to emerge victoriously from your exam it is vital that you’re well-rested and relaxed.  Trying to cram the night before the test is not a good idea, and will only increase your stress levels. Learning takes time and cramming large chunks of information will only confuse you during your exam.

If you didn’t study at all, than cramming the night before your exam is not going to help you learn weeks of information. Learn to face defeat and accept the fact that without proper studying and planning you’ll will not pass any exam.

Be Attentive And Alert

When you finally sit down to take the test, make sure to read the instructions carefully so you don’t miss anything important on your exam. Don’t rush, read every question and multiple choice answers carefully. Pay attention to these following words used on your test questions: all, always, none, never, except and only. Before looking at the answers, try to answer the question in your mind. Don’t confuse yourself by over-analyzing the question.

Manage Your Time

After reading the instructions, calculate how much time you should spend on each question and act accordingly. If you don’t know an answer, skip it. Continue answering all the questions you do know, and tackle the tricky and difficult questions later. Don’t break your flow at the beginning of the test.

Stay relaxed, if you start feeling nervous take a few deep breaths. Don’t worry about how fast other people are finishing the test, only focus on your own test. Good Luck.










Becoming a Surgical Technologist

Can you imagine a surgical room without a surgical technologist? Me neither. The first surgical technologists were born and bred out of the military. Since nurses were not allowed anywhere near the battlefield, the military trained “medics” to work alongside surgeons. However, it was not after the two world wars of the twentieth century that sparked the need for trained operating room personnel. The role of the “operating room nurse” and “medic” evolved into a separate allied health career, now known as Surgical Technology.

Surgical Technologists- Duties and Responsibilities

Did you know surgical technologists are also called surgical technicians or operating room technicians? These highly skilled allied health professionals fulfill many important duties and responsibilities required for a successful surgery.

Before a surgical procedure, the surgical technologist (ST) is responsible for ensuring the proper arrangement and availability of all necessary equipment needed for the patient’s surgical procedure. They ensure that each surgical equipment and monitoring device is connected and working properly. The surgical technologist is also responsible for prepping the patient for surgery.

During the surgery, one of the (ST) duties is to pass instruments and other sterile supplies to the surgeon and surgical assistant. After the surgical procedure, the (ST) gathers and secures all contaminated instruments, cleans and disinfects the surgical instruments and preps the operating room for the next procedure. sat

Essential Traits

In order for a surgical technologist to be a valued team member, he or she must be able to maintain focused and calm during extremely stressful, emergency situations. Other highly regarded traits are the ability to listen, to follow directions; one wrong move can put a patient in critical condition. The aspirant surgical technologist must also have a strong desire to contribute to society and to help others feel better. Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful surgical technologist?

Educational Requirements

To become a skilled surgical technician, a person must obtain post-secondary education. Training for surgical technology can take ten months to two years to complete. Depending on the school the individual decides to attend, they will either receive a diploma of completion or an associate degree. Students in the surgical technology program at our Anthem Education schools learn hands-on training in areas such as: sterilization techniques and instrumentation set-up, and learn about surgical instruments and supplies. Students are also trained in basic surgical skills and laboratory procedures that support operating room functions. If you have any questions about the healthcare field or the surgical technology program, contact one of our campuses, we would love to get you on the right career track.

Career Outlook

A surgical technologist, besides enjoying a place of significance in the healthcare industry, also promises an increased number of job opportunities in the healthcare sector for the future.

Industry statistics and experts (BLS) have predicted a growth in the job outlook of the surgical technologist job position, and have estimated at around 30% growth in the sector for this career. This estimation of 30% growths has been predicted from 2012 to 2022, with the percentage increase in job opportunities greater than in other sectors of the industry.

If you are passionate about pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, and wish for a career with significant opportunities, then a career as a surgical technologist might just be what you seek.




The Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Studying

Effective learning requires time and practice. If you are only memorizing, then you are not skillfully synthesizing and applying the information correctly. While some students may appear to possesses a super-brain with a great capacity for storing and generating information. However, the majority of students need more time to study for fully storing and processing the newly learned information.

It’s very easy to tell yourself “I’ll study later; I still have two weeks till my next test.” Studying can be a rather grueling exercise for many students, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these tips by the staff of Anthem College.

Do Plan for Studying

Studying is an easy task to postpone if you don’t include it in your daily activities. If you want to ace your exams, then schedule several hours a week for studying and school work. Organize your schedule around your schoolwork and study time. Stick with this routine every week. Don’t just spontaneously say, “I think I’ll study today.” Studying in a haphazard manner is going to produce meager results for you. Remember, school is an investment for your future, and you want to get the most out of your investment.

Learn to reward yourself for sticking to your study schedule. This could be anything from going out with friends to watching an hour of television. Using a reward system will reinforce the importance of your grades and schoolwork. Your biggest motivator should be finishing college and getting the career you have always wanted. Just think every time you procrastinate the only person you’re cheating is yourself.


Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination seems to be a default setting for most people. Have you noticed you tend to procrastinate more when you have a big test or project coming up? Some people tend to put off doing particular tasks when they can’t control the outcome. The reason you tend to procrastinate more during finals is that you are afraid of failing. However, if you don’t give yourself plenty of time to study unfortunately, you will fail. Don’t fall victim to your irrational fears, take control of your mind and motivate yourself to study.

Remember only you can break the vicious procrastination cycle. If you’re studying at home, don’t turn on the television or your computer unless you need it for studying. Hide your phone or tablet until you are done studying. You don’t need the temptation of logging into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and wasting precious hours you could have used for studying. Don’t talk yourself into doing unnecessary tasks. For example, deleting your email from the account you never use, or doing laundry when you have plenty of clean clothes. Don’t let your fears or excuses be more important than your dreams. Your dreams won’t come true unless you work hard to achieve them.

Don’t Compare Yourself

Don’t compare your studying routine to the studying routine of your friends. Everyone is different and what works for them, may not work for you; everyone has different styles of learning. Perhaps, you learn best by hearing things aloud; you like participating in class discussion, and you rather study in a group then alone. However, your friend is a visual learner; dislikes class participation, and prefers creating diagrams and flashcards. Many people combine different learning styles; the key is to discover what works best for you. If you are now wondering what is your learning styleclick here.

Don’t forget to keep a balanced diet and to get plenty of rest. If you are having a problem with your study material don’t be shy ask your instructor or classmates for help. Your college success depends on you. Always ask questions and seek out your campus resources if you are having trouble with your schoolwork.

Information Technology Anthem College

Job Market Outlook for Information Technology

The Information Technology field is undoubtedly one of the most successful and is a constantly growing job sector. For individuals who are uncertain whether or not to pursue a career in Information Technology field or not, industry experts have highlighted it as one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the industry. With the introduction of new system software, database management systems, smart phone applications, etc., more and more companies are hiring qualified candidates who understand how to implement and run new software solutions.

IT Job Market Outlook

The Information Technology sector is predicted to experience a 2.19% annual employment growth, which is an estimated 26% increase in the total number of jobs in the sector from 2010 – 2020. There are certainly successful careers available in IT for those who qualify.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers are predicted to enjoy a 30% increase in jobs, while Network and Computer Systems Administrators are expected to see a 28% growth in jobs. There is also a predicted 22% growth in jobs for Computer System Analysts, Computer Network Architects, and Web Developers. With the rise in demand for the latest database management software, ecommerce software, smart phone applications, and other networking tools, the demand for jobs in these areas is growing exponentially! Information Technology

The IT field has experienced growth for the past few decades, but the current trend of utilizing professionals for creating customized database systems and useful software to improve business performance has surged the job market. The increase in jobs has also opened up new areas of expertise and new areas for imaginative creations. The ability of technology to be customized and pivoted very quickly makes it one of the most reliable jobs one can land.

IT Job Prospects

With the highly advanced and sophisticated programs, databases, softwares, etc., it is essential for job prospects to stay well versed in current trends as well as master standard programming and encrypting languages. This technical expertise is what ultimately let’s an IT professional succeed in their field. The hottest technology skills abounding in the market today are cloud computing, virtualization, JavaScript, and CSS. Individuals who have mastered these skills in addition to other skills are set up for a successful career in IT.

If you are interested in a career in IT, reach out to the nearest Anthem College Campus to you. Our certified programs and outstanding faculty will help you succeed in the field of your choice!

Happy New Years

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s is just around the corner! Have you planned out your goals for next year yet? Have you made all those resolutions yet? If you are still unsure of which resolutions you want to make and keep, then here are the top 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2014.

Spend More Time with Family and Friends

Family and friends are arguably the most important parts of your life, which is why most people voted this resolution as their number one priority. Many people feel incomplete without these important people. Often times we get so bogged down with work and other life occurrences that we unintentionally neglect the ones we care about most. So next year, plan different outings, get-togethers, parties, hang out sessions, and enjoy the precious time with family and friends. The best times of our lives are spent with those we love the most, so for 2014 make sure you make them a priority!

Stay Fit and Healthy

The consumption of fatty food products has continued to increase which stands in direct correlation with the rise in obesity. In this reality, many people feel that they need to go back to natural and healthy living. For these reasons, people want to focus on healthy eating habits and follow a dietary and workout plan. Incorporating a healthy, well-balanced diet along with a regular work out regiment will put you in the best chance to live a long and healthy life.

Quit Smoking

Coming in as the third most popular New Year’s resolution, quitting smoking, spurs people toward a healthier lifestyle. Your lungs are vital organs to the operation of the human body, so it only makes sense that you should take good care of them! There are many methods to quitting smoking: cold turkey, nicotine gum/patches, support group, etc. One of the best ways to fight the urge is to not buy cigarettes – it’s hard to smoke when you don’t have anything to smoke with. Whichever method you choose can be successful it just takes determination and will to accomplish your goal!

Acquire Higher Education

Every person is looking for a way to make the most out of his or her career. What matters most is getting the relevant knowledge to help you get there and have a budding passion for what you do. Many people go through their lives miserable in their career, but why should you be miserable? Going to college these days does not have to be a full four year plus commitment – today there are online colleges and career colleges that offer career-focused education that fits in with your busy schedule. It does not matter what field you have previously chosen for your career. With the right education and a passion for what you do, you can be in a career you and your family can be proud of!

 Live Life to the Fullest

Rounding out the top 5 resolutions for 2014, living life to the fullest is a top resolution for many people. Enjoying life has become one of the most popular resolutions in recent time. The world is full of opportunities so grab them and be happy with what comes your way. It’s important to stay happy and not sweat the small stuff. A positive attitude and outlook on life could be the change you need to be happy. Now is not the time to be stuck in a miserable career or caught up in the rat race for you never know what’s around the corner. So with this resolution, enjoy where your life leads you, take advantage of your opportunities, and keep a smile on your face.

On behalf of all employees at Anthem Education, we wish you a Happy New Year and wish you the best of luck in 2014. Please be responsible and never drink and drive!

Anthem College

Bright Future with a Career as a Dental Assistant

Are you looking for a career choice which ensures a bright future and success?

The career of a Dental Assistant ensures a bright future along with success in the healthcare industry. It is an ideal choice for individuals seeking to make their mark in the healthcare sector.

Nowadays, people have become more aware of the importance of oral health and hygiene and its impact on the overall health of an individual. This awareness has led to an increase in the number of individuals opting for expert dental care from dentists.

Industry Outlook

The rise in demand of dental health care has resulted in an increase in the number of jobs available in for dental assistants. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 31% increase in the number of jobs is expected in this sector, resulting in a high growth potential for this career.

Responsibilities of a Dental AssistantDental Assistant jobs

A dental assistant works under the supervision of a dentist and assists them in their clinical and dental procedures. Dental Assistants are responsible for handling and sterilizing different surgical equipment and keeps a record of all the instruments used in various dental procedures. They keep and maintain  the records of various dental procedures for different patients, and are responsible for preparing  radiographs among other duties.

It is the duty of a dental assistant to deal with the questions of different patients and educate them about the various ways to effectively maintain their oral health and hygiene.  In short, Dental Assistants perform and handle the different laboratory procedures required for the effective dental treatment of a patient.

Qualifications Required to Become a Dental Assistant

In order to become a dental assistant, one can enroll in a Dental Assisting program at one of our Dental Assistant schools across the country. This program ensures the required technical and healthcare understanding, in order to provide satisfactory knowledge to the student, so that he or she can operate successfully within the industry.

A completed diploma program in Dental Assisting ensures the right to practice and work under the supervision of dentists in different clinics and hospitals in the area.

Dental Assistant Careers Dental Assisting Training Provided at Anthem

The Anthem Education family of schools and colleges offers a diploma program in Dental Assisting. The program consists of training procedures, to equip the student with all the required knowledge and skills needed while working as a dental assistant.

The course work includes extensive training of different laboratory procedures, knowledge of radiography along with other prosthetic and periodontal procedures. Students are taught chairside skills, and learn diverse preventive and restorative techniques, for better oral healthcare.

Students are liable to complete two externships, before they qualify as Dental Assistants. These externships serve to provide students with much needed real life experience, which lets them utilize their knowledge and acquired skills, for assisting in the dental health care world. This hands on training guides students to deal with and resolve different problems and patient cases, when they step into the real world.

To pursue a career in the healthcare sector, strive toward a diploma as a Dental Assistant and make your mark in the industry. Call us at 888-852-7272 to learn all about our Dental Assisting diploma program. We provide those eager to change their lives with a wide variety of programs  in Allied Health, Information Technology, Cosmetology and much, much more.


Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

At our Anthem schools we offer a diploma program and an associate’s degree program in medical assisting. These programs equip students with the knowledge and experience required to excel in the healthcare industry. Here are a few of the benefits that you could experience by becoming a medical assistant.

Working in a Comfortable Environment
Most medical assistants are employed in physicians’ offices, hospitals, and the offices of health practitioners. Medical facilities are generally clean and well-lit environments to work in. In addition, medical assistants get the chance to constantly interact with others and can form close bonds with their patients and co-workers.

Excellent Job Prospects
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current and future job opportunities for medical assistants are excellent. The amount of jobs available to medical assistants is projected to grow by 34% between 2008 and 2018. Becoming a medical assistant will provide you with superb career opportunities and great job security.

Involvement in Medical Care
A job in the healthcare industry can bring the satisfaction that comes with helping others. Medical assistants make patients more comfortable and can even help save lives. As a medical assistant, you will interact directly with patients and perform medical procedures such as laboratory tests, blood drawing, and the removal of sutures.

If you are interested in the medical industry, becoming a medical assistant will expose you to a wide range of healthcare topics and techniques. You can also be trained to assist physician’s in particular medical fields, such as podiatry or endocrinology. For those interested in other healthcare jobs, becoming a medical assistant will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable experience and help you form relationships with medical professionals.

Want to learn more about Anthem Education Group  visit our website / or come by one of our campuses today. You’ll find that we provide a friendly, sophisticated learning environment for anyone looking for healthcare training or other programs to start a new career. Call us today at 866.381.6397 to speak with an admissions representative.

Teaching adult students

Student Success Guide

What is Student Success?

I’m sure you all have your own ideas and opinions on this subject. Many may believe it’s the student that never misses class, studies every day, and graduates with a high GPA. But it can be as simple as grasping difficult concepts, being involved in student organizations or applying what you have learned in the real world. A successful student is one that realizes their journey is not over, they are continually impacting those around them. Here are some tips to help you achieve student success.

1.      Master Your Schedule.

There are 168 hours in a week. Make sure you know how you are spending your time. Prepare a weekly schedule, and keep up with it daily. If you find planners or agendas useless, use you smartphone. There are many time management apps you can download.

Great Time Management Apps:

  • Astrid Task/Todo list for Android Phones. With the Astrid Task App you will never miss a deadline, plus you will be able to automatic sync your tasks across your phone or Astrid.com.  Download for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timsu.astrid
  • My Class Schedule is another Android App Phone. Great App for keeping you up to date with your school work. The app is free with ads or you can purchase it for $1.31.
  • Inclass is an Iphone/Ipad App. With this app you are able to organize your schedule, share your notes, plus much more. To download click here http://www.inclassapp.com/

 2.      Go to Class

Showing up to class is the easiest task you can do. By attending class diligently you show your instructors you care. If you make the effort to show up and pay attention to the key topics being discussed, you definitely improve your chances for getting a good grade.  School is a pretty expensive commitment to not commit all the way.  If you are allowed to use your smartphone in class, use a note taking app or a note recording app.

Note Apps:

  • Evernote It’s a free app available to Android or Iphone smartphone users in conjunction with a desktop program. If you take a note using your phone (text, voice recording or snapshot) it will sync to both your online Evernote account and your PC.
  • Easy Voice Recorder is an Android App that lets you record your class lecture.

 3.      Improve your Study Strategy

Come up with a strategy that complements your schedule and learning style. There are many techniques you can employ to make studying less demanding and more effective. For example, you can use Mnemonics to help you memorize difficult material or flash cards to actively retain what you have memorized.

  • Mnemonics-” target=”_blank” We all remember from elementary school or junior high the order of planets by repeating these mnemonics, “My Very Eager Mother Just Served us Nine Pickles”, or “My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets.”
  • Example of an Anatomy Mnemonic- “A Peaceful Thoughtful Man” for Aortic, Pulmonary, Tricuspid, and Mitral.
  • Flash Cards-Are great for kinetic learners, the energy required to make them, plus the active engagement of reading them out load will help you retain the information at a faster pace. However, in order for flash cards to work they must be read out loud daily, at least seven days before your exam.
  • Flashcard Apps for Android-StudyDroid  is an easy to use flashcard application. You can make your own flashcards on your computer or you can browse the public flashcards at Studydroid. 

 4.      Join or Form a Study Group. 

Studying with other students will motivate you to keep up with your studying, plus,  it’s a great way to meet new people.  If you are going to form a study group make sure to limit the group to four to five students. Also select students that share your same dedication to studying and getting good grades.  Remember, “Two heads are better than one”.

5.      Join Campus Clubs/Organizations. 

The skills you learn from a club or organization can help you succeed in your classes too, plus it looks great on your resume. Being part of a club or organization is a great way to network, promote awareness and to force you to stay focus on your schoolwork.

Anthem Education is dedicated to helping our students achieve success. We are here to help you find yourself, by learning a new skill. Dr. Seuss said it best, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” If you are ready to read more, know more, and  learn more, visit http://www.anthem.edu.

We would love to help you find the program that’s right for you!

Anthem’s Community on Facebook

You like, you share, you comment and we love all of you for your cooperation!!

In an infographic posted by Mashable, it stated, “Facebook is the most used social media tool in higher education.” Social media sites provide students with a platform to promote activities receive feedback and start conversations. The goal of Anthem’s Facebook community is to interact with our students, staff and prospective students in real-time.


This past year, Anthem Education Group set out to engage its Facebook community by creating pages for all of our campuses. We thank our staff and students for engaging with our pages.  Moving forward, we feel the best way to connect with our staff, students, prospective students, and alumnus is by re-vamping our Facebook Page structure.  In order to facilitate this, we will be consolidating our pages to a total of three pages, Anthem Education Group, Anthem College Online and Morrison University.


Because of the high level of interaction during our contests, we’ve decided to launch an Anthem Facebook App that’s used by other large colleges and universities.  It’s a private Facebook community designed to help our alumni, current and future students meet other students, ask questions, find events and activities, and get more involved on campus. Please click the links below to find your new Facebook Community and check back often for information on the future roll-out of the Anthem College Facebook application