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Florida Career College Constitution Day

Florida Career College Celebrates Constitution Day

Constitution Day (September 17) marks the anniversary of the Constitution’s formal approval by the Constitutional Congress in 1787. The Congress was made up of representatives from the 13 states that were the entire U.S. at the time. The event created a central federal government to replace a looser confederation of states. The week of September 13-19 is formally observed by colleges and universities throughout the nation with educational events about the Constitution. 2

Students and staff at Florida Career College kicked off the festivities by participating in a Constitution Day Trivia Challenge hosted by the Library Department. The students, who answered correctly, received “Smarties” for being so Constitution- Smart!

The Student Ambassadors and the Library department decorated the student break area with red, white and blue banners and with an over-sized replica of the U.S. Constitution. Students also received a scrolled replica of the original U.S. Constitution and quill pens as souvenirs to commemorate the occasion. 3


Congratulations to all the trivia winners and a big thank you to the Florida Career College-Pembroke Pines staff and students at the for participating in our Constitution Day activities. 4


Florida Career College Pembroke Pines Campus Student Ambassadors Host Fundraiser

It’s been a great month for Florida Career College Pembroke Pines Campus Student Ambassadors.

Florida Career College (FCC) Student Ambassadors of the Pembroke Pines Campus held a month-long school supply fundraiser to benefit local Broward County School, West Hollywood Elementary. The FCC Student Ambassadors delivered a huge crate of school supplies consisting of backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, and glue; essentially everything an elementary student would need during the academic year.

Flordia Career College Student Ambassadors

(From Left to Right) Rosie Barrett, Juana Valdes, Ebony Patterson, Sharon Callendar, Shalonda Richardson, Tierra Cummings, Sylvia Klee, Chelsea Clarke




More than half the student body and faculty donated school supplies for the “Back 2 School” fundraiser. The FCC Pembroke Pines Student Ambassador President Juana Valdes along with fellow ambassadors:

Rosie Barrett, Juana Valdes, Ebony Patterson, Sharon Callendar, Shalonda Richardson, Tierra Cummings, Sylvia Klee, Chelsea Clarke, Donald Dubuisson, Gisella Scarpati and Tania Bernet organized the drive along with Margaret McCraw, Pembroke Pines Campus Library Assistant and mentor to the Student Ambassadors.


“The Principal Aimee Zekofsky and staff at West Hollywood Elementary were very excited and appreciative of the fundraising efforts done by our ambassadors,” said FCC-Pembroke Pines Executive Director James Branham. “At the Pines Campus we believe in encouraging our students to find opportunities to get involved.”

“We are thinking of setting up an outreach program with West Hollywood Elementary where the FCC Ambassadors volunteer their time reading books to the children,” said Margaret McCraw, Pembroke Pines Campus Library Assistant.


During the month-long supply drive, the Ambassadors posted flyers and unwaveringly communicated to students, faculty and staff about their commitment to aiding the students in need of back to school supplies at West Hollywood Elementary. “They are an awesome group of students and they did a great job of organizing and marketing the drive,” said Jim Branham. “Overall, a very successful effort…..very proud of the Student Ambassadors at the Pines Campus.”

Student Ambassadors - School Supply Drive






For more information about Florida Career College, call 1-888-852-7272 or visit Follow Florida Career College on Twitter and like us on Facebook.



How Technology Can Land You a Career

Did you know that twenty years ago if you wanted a new job you had to rely on the  help want ads in newspapers?  If you wanted a job in a different city or state, you would have to go to your local library in order to conduct your search. Nowadays, thanks to technology you don’t have to leave your house in order to search for a new job. All you need to land a new career is a digital device that has access to the internet. Keep reading to find out how technology can help you land a new  career.

How Technology Can Land You a Career

If you’d like to learn more tips on how to write an effective resume or if you have questions regarding job search, or interviewing tips reach out to your campus Career Center, and of the advisors will gladly steer you in the right direction. – See more at:
If you’d like to learn more tips on how to write an effective resume or if you have questions regarding job search, or interviewing tips reach out to your campus Career Center, and of the advisors will gladly steer you in the right direction. – See more at:
If you’d like to learn more tips on how to write an effective resume or if you have questions regarding job search, or interviewing tips reach out to your campus Career Center, and of the advisors will gladly steer you in the right direction. – See more at:

Using Social Media

With the advent of digital technology, remaining in contact with people far across the world has become quite easy. Now you can make ultimate use of social media to find jobs, and apply for them. LinkedIn is one of the best social networking sites, which offers you the chance to build a professionals profile and network of friends. You can even apply for any job you like. Make your profile impressive and in no time, at all you will be receiving job offers.

Broadening the Network Circle

Technology also helps you in broadening your network circle by meeting new people every day. Many websites and social media platforms allow for professional interaction between people all over the world. You can create specific lists, which only consist of professional contacts. This helps you in organizing your contacts into those who can be of help to you. Remember, the bigger your professional network, the greater chances you will get.

Improve Your Resume

Another great feature of technology is that it allows you to create a strong resume, by helping you improve it. There are many templates and applications available online, which provide information regarding the best method for improving your resume. What more could you ask for?

Customized Search for Jobs

There are different websites, technological software, and applications, which are specifically designed for searching for jobs. You can even list down the particular area where you would like a  job, and customize your search, according to the kind of job you want. In either case, you can find jobs, which meet your search criteria.

Get Referrals

Getting referrals for future jobs is not a problem any longer. All you need to do is simply ask your friends on LinkedIn, and they would refer you to jobs, when they come along. You can also use technology to remain in touch with your boss, who might refer you to a better job.

Find New Opportunities

Technology is being used widely these days, making it quite useful, particularly when you are in search for a job. Learn the best way to use the software and applications, start applying for jobs, and wait for an interview call. It is a speedy process, which can help you land the job of your dreams. There are numerous opportunities waiting for you to knock on the door, so start applying and see what the future holds for you!

If you still have questions regarding your resume or need additional assistance in your jobs search reach out to your campus Career Center, and one of our great  advisors will gladly steer you in the right direction. If you would like to know if you are on the right career track take our free career assessment today.


Discover 5 Ways to Network While Still in School

If you are still in school and think that you have all the time for networking, then you are putting your career at stake. They say, “It’s never too late to start,” but in case of career networking, it’s never too early! In fact, school years are probably the best time when you can network with your friends, teachers and career center advisers and lay the foundation of your new career. This blog post may help you discover some effective ways to network while you are still in school:

Widen Your Network

Don’t limit your social network to your dorm and classroom. You have to step out of your bubble and interact with your seniors. They have gone through all the phases you are currently going through- they can guide you in a better way to deal with your problems. Plus, it is easier to share your thoughts with seniors than with teachers. No matter how friendly your teachers are, you can’t have the same bonding with them as you have with your friends. Discuss with your seniors about internships, school projects and other ways to improve your profile.

Be Active on Social Forums

Social sites like LinkedIn provide a feasible platform to students to interact with employers. Make an impressive resume: highlight your certifications, academic achievements, skills and professional objectives. Secondly, get connected with organizations that you find impressive. Professional connections can help you land a job once you graduate. Be selective when connecting with business organizations, and make sure only to connect with renowned organizations to safeguard your personal identity.

Use Your Acquaintances as Resources

Use your friends, family and acquaintances as resources. Make the most of social gatherings, where you can meet a number of people with different professional backgrounds. Share your professional goals and interest with them and discuss with them about your future career plans. They have the right amount of hands-on experience to guide you about viable job opportunities. Though you have to be outstanding at your studies to get excellent job opportunities, you also need to develop professional skills to stand out in the crowd- and your family, friends and acquaintances can help you with it.

Attend Events

Don’t be a book worm- participate in extracurricular activities and personality-building events like debate competitions, seminars, etc. This will not only develop your communication skills, but also boost your confidence. Events like alumni dinners, where you can meet former schoolmates can be a good opportunity to widen your network beyond your classroom.

Interact with Teachers

Teachers usually have professional connections and can help you get strong referrals. No matter how good your grades are, you need career references to strengthen your profile. Having a friendly bond with your teachers can help you get good referrals that can support your resume.

Now that you know about career networking make the most of your college years to get a good job as soon as you finish your studies.


Five Study Habits to Help You Focus

If you maintain your focus on a task, you can easily accomplish it in the most effective manner. From doing assignments to studying for a test, you will be done with it before you know it. Staying focused also enhances and improves you personal and professional life. It helps you to come up with an effective solution for any problem. If you have problems maintaining your focus or want to enhance your focusing ability, here are five effective study habits to help you focus more:

 1.    Organize Your Study Space

  • This holds true for students as well as working professionals.
  • If you have a neat and organized space, you will be able to focus more.
  • Make sure there is nothing on the table that can distract you like your favorite novel or video game or your crafting supplies and especially your cell phone!
  • Clean your desk and only keep the necessary items you need to study.

2.    Breaking Big Tasks Into Small Ones

  • People tend to procrastinate when they have several long-term tasks to accomplish.
  • The best way to resolve this problem is to break your tasks into smaller tasks that are easily manageable.
  • When you break a big task into shorter goals, you will find it easier to keep on accomplishing those small tasks and gradually moving towards finishing the entire task.
  • This helps you to concentrate more and stay motivated.


3.    Reward Yourself

  • When you accomplish a certain task, reward yourself. This will also help you stay motivated.
  • Take a 10 to 20 minute break after each task or eat your favorite snack.
  • Plan your rewards initially. When you know that there is a treat waiting for you at the end of the task, you will be more focused on finishing it.
  • Promise yourself that you will play your favorite video game or read your favorite book after you have accomplished the task at hand.


4.    Schedule a Study Time

  • Making a proper study schedule is the best method to stay focused.
  • When you have a daily study plan it gradually becomes a habit.
  • Make sure you select a time when you are fresh and energized. This way your mind is focus and ready to retain information.


5.    Eliminate Distractions

People get easily distracted without even realizing it. When doing research online for your assignment, don’t waste time going on websites that don’t pertain to the topic that you are researching. It is easy to sway your attention to other tasks when you are not into the task that you have to do.

Determine what distracts you and stay away from it during your study time. For example, if you do find interesting topics similar to the one you are researching bookmark them and read them after you have completed the assignment. If your cell phone distracts you, turn it off. If people or noise distract you, go study at a library or at a quiet place.



How To Become A Better Student

Whether it is a school or a college, the competition is steadily growing. Education is a highly important part of an individual’s life. The lessons and attitudes a person learns and develops from an educational institution shapes up a person’s life. The job and career you will develop depends on how well you do in your studies. In order to get good grades and develop useful skills, you have to be a good student. Here are a few tips to help you become a better student and to lead a successful life.

Setting up Goals

  • Set long-term and short-term goals and measure your progress through them.
  • Goals will help you keep motivated to strive and achieve success. For example, your long-term goal is to achieve a high GPA in the current semester. So, set up small goals like getting an A in the assignments and tests.
  • These short-term goals will work as a ladder, which will lead you towards your long-term goal.
  • Although it is good to challenge yourself to do better, ensure that the goals you are setting are realistic.

Time Management

  • Time management is crucial for all the aspects of our lives.
  • When you are aiming to become a better student, the most important thing to keep you on track is manage your time properly.
  • Make study schedules and stick to them.
  • This will create a balanced study time which will help you in concentrating properly on all your activities.

Proper Rest

  • Getting proper rest is important when attending. Your brain needs sleep in order to synthesize newly learned information.
  • If a student is well rested, he or she will stay alert and active during class activities.
  • You will be able to concentrate more on your studies and other activities if you are well rested.
  • Attendance is extremely important to help enrich the educational experience.
  • You must attend classes in order to pass the course successfully.
  • The students learn more when they attend the classes and listen to the lectures. It helps them in remembering and understanding more clearly.

Attend All Classes

  • Attendance is extremely important to help enrich the educational experience.
  • You must attend classes in order to pass the course successfully.
  • The students learn more when they attend the classes and listen to the lectures. It helps them in remembering and understanding more clearly.

Take Notes

  • Concentrating on the lecture and jotting down important details ensures that you understand the course material.
  • Taking notes also helps you to remember the lesson more clearly.
  • Make sure you rewrite them after the class to keep them fresh in your mind and to ensure that you will understand them properly when you look at them after a few days or weeks.
  • Taking good notes will help you in reviewing and revising for your exams.

Utilizing Educational Resources

  • Apart from taking classes, you must utilize the educational resources available in your school.
  • These resources, like a library, review sessions, multimedia, tutoring session, are designed to facilitate the students in their studies.
  • The additional help will support you to strive and achieve more from your training.

Participating in Extracurricular Activities

  • Apart from studying properly, taking part in extracurricular activities also helps in becoming a better student.
  • Extracurricular activities enhance and refresh the student’s mind and help him focus more.
  • Taking part in sports, dramatics, dancing or more contributes greatly in polishing students’ skills.



Top 6 Brain-Boosting Foods for Studying

Eating right is good for both your brain health and overall well-being. There are certain foods that boost your brain power and help you ace exams. Everybody retains information differently, but by having a healthy diet you can be sure that your brain has the fuel to retain and synthesize what you are learning.  Here are top 6 brain boosting foods that you should eat to improve your academic prowess:

Top 6 Brain-Boosting Foods for Studying

1. Oily Fish (Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids)

Omega 3 are healthy fats, crucial for the development of your brain and stabilize your mood. Your body does not make the essential fatty acids by itself, and you need to obtain them through diet. Good sources include oily fish like salmon, trout, herring, sardines, mackerel, scallops, shrimp, and some nuts and seeds. Oily fish has the most effective fatty acids naturally present in it, namely EPA and DHA. Walnut and flaxseeds are also rich in EPA and DHA.

2. Whole grains (Complex Carbohydrates)

Whole grains, which are rich in fiber, and starches are the main source of energy called complex carbohydrates. Your brain cannot function without energy. Complex carbohydrates are fiber rich that slows down the supply of glucose to your blood. You don’t need sugar-rich foods that give you a surge of energy by fast absorption of glucose and then your energy levels fall quickly too. Whole grains give you slow and steady supply of energy, all day long. This helps you stay alert the whole day and concentrate better. Good sources of complex carbohydrates are whole-grain breads, brown rice, pastas, cereals, crackers, pancakes, and waffles.

3. Blueberries (Antioxidants)

Antioxidants protect you from brain damage, such as memory loss, etc. Blueberries are extremely rich in antioxidants. Other good berries that contain antioxidants are strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. They help you fight and delay memory loss. Antioxidants are present in various other fruits and vegetables — the brighter their color, the richer they are in nutrients.

4. Eggs (Choline)

Egg contains choline, a nutrient that greatly helps your brain develop and perform properly by staying connected with all of your body parts. Having an egg or two for breakfast ensures you feel full all day. Choline especially is the ultimate food that helps your brains cells grow. Aside from eggs, good sources of proteins include tofu, lean beef, yogurt, buckwheat, brussels sprouts, beans, cauliflower, and broccoli.

5. Nuts and Seeds (Vitamin E)

Nuts and seeds are rich in vitamin E. Regular intake of vitamin E in small amounts helps to prevent age- related memory loss. Almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, olives, seeds, whole grains, leafy green vegetables, brown rice, eggs and asparagus are good sources of Vitamin E.

6. Mango (Vitamin B6 & C)

Mango is a great source of iron; vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Iron is crucial for normal brain function. Vitamin B6 helps the cognitive development of your brain. Vitamin C is also necessary for healthy brain function. One serving of mango daily during exams is likely to boost your grades to a great extent.

If you’re looking to boost your grades, eating healthy is crucial for your success as a student at Anthem Education.

Healthcare Training

Why The Healthcare Field Is A Great Career Choice?

The healthcare field is one of the biggest and rapidly growing fields today. The aging population has been the primary reason for the growth spurt of this field in the past couple of years. As the baby boomers grow old, there will be an increasing number of people who will need special age-related care. Furthermore, in the past couple of years, more and more people are becoming health conscious. They want to remain fit and take care of themselves. They make regular checkup appointments with their doctors to ensure they are fit and leading a healthy life. Due to these reasons, the health care industry is flourishing, and it needs more professionals.

Here are ten reasons why the health care field is an excellent career choice:

1.    A Career in Demand

Since the health care industry is growing, all the careers related to health care are in demand. There are numerous job opportunities in this field.

2.   Good Pay

The pay in the health care industry is good, and it comes with multiple benefits and facilities. It is enough to live a comfortable life even after paying all the bills. The higher degree you earn, the higher will be your pay.

3.   Countless Opportunities

When you decide to enter the health care field, you can choose from a variety of different opportunities. There is something for everyone’s interest. You can work in clinics, homes, hospitals, labs, or even directly with the patients.

4.   Free Education and Training

There are many government funded and employer funded scholarships that can easily cover your education costs. Employers encourage employees to get more education in order for them to be trained in the latest technologies and new medical procedures. The majority of the organizations provide training to their employees to help them grow and enhance their skills.

5.  Contentment

When you work in the health care field, you get a feeling of contentment. This is because you help people get better. You feel important and satisfied as you help in making a difference in people’s lives.

6.  Meeting New People

When you choose a career in the health care field, you will get to meet various new people, including scientists, tech experts, researchers, nurses, medical staff, doctors and patients. You will learn new things from them each day and even attain knowledge about different cultures.

7.  Exciting Career

Each day is never the same when you are in the healthcare field; your patients make each day exciting and innovative. You may be faced with a different task every day and get to resolve problems and give solutions. You will have to make important decisions and go through a different experience almost every day.

8.  Promotions and Growths

There are a lot of opportunities of growth and promotion in this field. You can move towards other related fields in health care or get promoted.

9.  Vast Field

You have the option of changing your specialty. If you are interested in prosthetic or pediatrics, you can easily switch in these areas when you get the opportunity.

10. Traveling

Yes! You get the opportunity to travel. You can even move to a different country or city as health care is in demand all over the world.

If you are not, sure, if the healthcare field is right for you take our Online Career Assessment to discover what career path will suit your interests and talents.


Common Traits Of Highly Successful Students

Envious of the student who always gets good grades yet still go to parties? Wondering how they do it? Are such students born with this talent? Yes, some students’ easily breeze through their studies without much effort. However, there are some students who require making a few changes in their life and with some effort become successful students. The good news is that you too can be a successful student by learning to exhibit the common traits of highly successful students. If you are a little fuzzy on what exactly are those traits, read below to refresh your memory.

Follow a Study Plan

  • The best trait of effective students is that they schedule their studies and stick to them.
  • They manage their time properly and set studying time for each day.  They follow a successful studying guide.
  • They keep the same study time. This results in the study time being a regular activity for them.
  • Studying becomes easier for them once they study at the same time every day and follow a proper plan.
  • The students who don’t have a specific time for studying are unable to concentrate as much as the students with a proper schedule.

Set Goals

  • Setting goals keeps one motivated and interested in the task at hand.
  • Goal setting defines a proper direction for the students to follow and accomplish their tasks.
  • Start setting short term and long-term goals. This will help you to achieve your goals, as you will already have a defined path.

Move from Difficult Subject to Easy

  • The highly successful students make sure that the most difficult task is handled first.
  • The subject or assignment which will take more time and effort will need most of your attention.
  • Once you accomplish that difficult task, you won’t have any problem handling the other tasks.
  • When you accomplish the difficult task first, you will feel more motivated and accomplished.
  • This improves the effectiveness of your sessions and will help you to concentrate more.

Review, Review & Review!

  • This is one of the most significant traits of highly successful students.
  • Review what you have studied to make sure that everything stays fresh in your mind.
  • Make sure to take proper notes in your class and study them afterwards. Before starting a study session, review these notes first so that you understand the concepts more.
  • When you have to complete an assignment, review the lecture notes first then start working on the assignment. This will ensure that you keep the assignment on the right track.
  • Review what you have studied all week on weekends.

These are the four most common traits of highly effective students. These students have the will to study more by making some extra effort. They make a proper plan and stick to it. They do not deviate from their schedule and make it a regular task. They take on the challenge of balancing fun and studies. They reward themselves with fun when they accomplish a task. This way they maintain their concentration and motivation. This not only makes them successful in their student life, but they maintain these habits throughout their lives.

Successful students keep a balanced diet and get plenty of rest. Don’t forget to eat a balance diet of fruits, veggies and protein, and no skittles and potato chips are not part of the fruit and veggies group.  Your college success depends on you, the more you apply yourself the better you will do.


How To Emphasize Your Skills And Qualification On Your Resume

A resume plays a very significant role in getting you noticed by the right people. A resume is effective when applying for a job, scholarship or internship. A good resume highlights your main qualifications and skills of the candidate. Here are a few tips to emphasize your skills and qualifications on your resume:

Proper Format

• A resume must highlight all your qualities but should be brief. Stick to the facts and provide relevant information. Read the job description you are about to apply for and highlight those skills that are relevant to the job.
• Keep your resume neat. Use bullet points so that the recruiter finds it easy to read. Ensure there is enough space between each section and everything it is not jumbled up.
• Keep it organized. Use headings and mention the necessary qualifications and skills under those headings using bullets. Examples of heading categories: Education, Work experience, Achievements, etc.
• Make sure everything you write is effective, positive and honest. Don’t use negative words or sentences. You don’t have to write full sentences, make points and be specific.


• Make sure everything is formatted properly.
• Except for your name and contact details, everything should be left aligned. Name and contact details must be placed on top.

Personal Details

• Include your full name, complete address including zip code, phone number(s) and email address on the top. You can also include your LinkedIn and Skype id.
• These details should be written neatly and prominently.

Core Skills

• Mention each skill with a separate bullet.
• Highlight the ones that will be suitable for the job you are applying for.
• Don’t exaggerate. They may ask you about your skills in the interview.


• You must include all your education details in bullet points.
• Mention the last degree you received on the top.
• Include what subject you majored in, year of completion, location and name of the institute.
• If you have achieved good grades, make sure to highlight them.
You can also include the list of courses you have studied in the course.
• Make the entire list of qualification similar to the pattern above. Make sure the details are brief and accurate.

Work Experience

• Write all the work experience you have had up till now.
• Include relevant summer jobs, part time jobs, internships, class projects and field experiences.
• Make sure to include a summary stating your assigned task to show the employers what kind of work you are familiar with.
• Start with your recent experience and move back till your first experience.

Extracurricular Activities

• Extracurricular activities are considered as really significant for success.
• Include all the activities you were involved in like drama club, cheer leading, honorary societies, math club, student council, athlete society, etc.
• Also include the name of the society and its location.


• Highlight your biggest achievements in this section, if applicable.
• Your publications, performances, exhibits or awards you achieved.
• This will complement the skills you mentioned above and will demonstrate your success.

Community Service

• Include any social work you have done or are doing. Any community service work or voluntary work which can show you in a positive light can be summarized in this section.
Update Linkedin Information
When you’re updating your resume remember to update your LinkedIn account as well. An updated LinkedIn account will ensure that it continues to serve the purpose that it was made for. With an obsolete email address or number, you’re missing out on opportunities just because you forgot to update your LinkedIn account.
If you’d like to learn more tips on how to write an effective resume or if you have questions regarding job search, or interviewing tips reach out to your campus Career Center, and of the advisors will gladly steer you in the right direction.