General Education Courses

General Education courses cover topics outside the immediate program of study.

Almost all degree-granting institutions require their students to take some General Education courses to provide a foundation to build skills such as communication,  independent thinking, and analyzing new information. All Anthem Education associate and bachelor degree programs require a certain amount of General Education courses.

Many students find that their General Education courses help them in the workplace. In areas such as allied health, it is very important for  employees to communicate clearly with one another. Communication courses, such as English Composition and Speech/Oral Communication, strengthen writing and speaking skills healthcare professionals rely upon in emergency and routine situations. In addition, good communication skills are the backbone for employee success in just about any work environment.

Students may be pleasantly surprised by the usefulness of a General Education course. Introduction to Psychology, which covers perception, learning, memory, consciousness and emotions, gives students insights into their own personalities. Later, it may help them better understand and cope with personalities they will encounter in Externships and on the job. For example, dental assistants and medical assistants often work with nervous patients and can draw upon their psychology education to provide a calm, comforting presence.

Surgical Tech students take psychology classes as well, including Life and Death in the OR.

Veterinary Technology Externs and vet techs, whose patients cannot clearly communicate with them, must be able to present their healthcare issues to “parents” who may get emotional.

Lifespan of Human Development looks at the physical, social, and emotional parts of human growth and development from conception through adulthood, aging, and death, also a useful topic for students in allied health programs.

Other General Education courses simply enrich students’ knowledge and introduce them to new ideas and concepts that can boost their general knowledge and appreciation of different topics in the arts, sciences, and humanities.

James Hutton, PhD, writes in a 2012 article that education influences people to be better citizens who “volunteer time and services to worthy causes, participate in the democratic process, adopt healthier lifestyles, have health insurance, have fewer unplanned children, and engage in greater charitable giving.”

At Anthem Education, we want to provide our students with more than an education that can lead to good jobs; we want them to become good citizens who appreciate the world outside the office door. Our General Education courses provide one way to open new doors that can encourage them to become dedicated employees and citizens.